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      P  2002.01.03.31d-Print, Photographic
      Sweet Nana" - Emily Pinter Asher's mother - April 1937

      P  2002.01.03.31e-Print, Photographic
         Olga Marcus, Oscar  Wiseman, Emily Pinter Asher, Silvia Wiseman, Nana Pinter (Emily's mom) Dave
         Marcus, "Jeffie" [Jeff] Asher & Tommy - June 1937 - Mr. and Mrs. Asher's 14th Anniversary

      P  2002.01.03.31f-Print, Photographic
      George at 5 months old (calf) - June 1937

      P  2002.01.03.31g-Print, Photographic
      "My Little 'Bully'" calf George at 5 months old (calf).  It was Tom Asher's calf at the ranch.

      P  2002.01.03.31h-Print, Photographic
      Olga and Dave Marcus, June 6, 1937

      P  2002.01.03.32-Print, Photographic
         Rita Shaeffer and her children, Marilyn and Jim.  A portion of the Shaeffer ranch was sold by eminent domain
         to the State of California for the Highway 14 freeway at Escondido.

      P  2002.01.03.32a-Print, Photographic
      Olga Marcus, Sylvia Wiseman and Emily Asher - Asher's14th Anniversary party June 6, 1937

      P   2002.01.03.32b-Print, Photographic
         "happy group" - June 6, 1937 Asher family and friends celebrating Jefferson and Emily Asher's 14th
         Anniversary.  Back row:  Olga Marcus, Sylvia Wiseman and Nana Pinter.  Front row:  Jefferson Asher, Emily
         Asher, Tom Asher and Dave Marcus
      P  2002.01.03.32c-Print, Photographic
         Tom Asher, Jeff Asher, Per, Nudi in front of the alfalfa field - July 1937.  This portion of the ranch can be seen
         from Agua Dulce Canyon Road today.  This marshy part of AAA Ranch collects water naturally making it a
         natural home and feeding ground for snakes and ravens.
      P  2002.01.03.32d-Print, Photographic
      Rita Shaeffer and her children--Same as 32 (Rita, Marilyn and Jim)

      P  2002.01.03.32e-Print, Photographic
      Jeff Asher, Marilyn Shaeffer, Jimmy Shaeffer and Tom Asher

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