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ObjectID# / Objname           Collection                         Condition       Status         Home location             Source

      P  2002.01.03.28c-Print, Photographic
      Abe Gore

      P  2002.01.03.28d-Print, Photographic
      Mr. & Mrs Ravid and daughters

      P  2002.01.03.28e-Print, Photographic
      AAA House - 1937 "two years later."  Front view.

      P  2002.01.03.28f-Print, Photographic
      Louis & Martyn Rosen 1937

      P  2002.01.03.28g-Print, Photographic
      three musketeers - Abe Gore, Jefferson Asher and Louis Rosen 1937

      P  2002.01.03.29a-Print, Photographic
      Senor Jeff and his lady friends [Sylvia Wiseman, wife Emily in center, and Marie Reiser]

      P  2002.01.03.29b-Print, Photographic
      Sylvia Wiseman, Marie Reiser, Emily Asher and Oscar Wiseman - March 1937

      P  2002.01.03.29c-Print, Photographic
      Jeff Asher and Marie Reiser - March 1937

      P  2002.01.03.29d-Print, Photographic
      Sylvia,  Oscar Wiseman, Marie Reiser  - March 1937

       P  2002.01.03.29e-Print, Photographic
       Marie Vega Reiser - March 1937

      P  2002.01.03.29f-Print, Photographic
         "A Family Group" - [Jefferson Asher, Oscar Wiseman, Marie Reiser waving, Sylvia Wiseman and dogs "Cry"
         and "One Boy"] - March 1937
      P  2002.01.03.29g-Print, Photographic\

      A page from yesterday.  [Emily Asher and Marie Reiser] - March 1937

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