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      P  2002.01.03.27b-Print, Photographic
         Willis O'Brien and wildcat.  Wildcat was found frozen to death one morning on house porch.  Jefferson Asher
         had the cat stuffed and it became a staple for photos with visitors to the AAA Ranch in Agua Dulce.
      P  2002.01.03.27c-Print, Photographic
      The O'Briens and the McKees

      P  2002.01.03.27d-Print, Photographic
      Margueritte Cartot and Raymond McKee

      P  2002.01.03.27e-Print, Photographic
      group photo

      P  2002.01.03.27f-Print, Photographic
         group photo - The O'Briens (Darlene O'Brien) and Marguerite Cortot and Raymond Mc Kee at the AAA
         Ranch in Agua Dulce.  The Ashers entertained many of Hollywood's elite.  Mrs. Asher was appointed and
         served on the Hays Censorship Board, Hollywood's self-policing board.
      P  2002.01.03.27g-Print, Photographic
      Darlene Emily and Marguerite

      P  2002.01.03.27h-Print, Photographic
         Raymond and Tom at AAA Ranch in Agua Dulce.  The ranch was a weekend and summer retreat for the Asher
         family.  Tom's father Jefferson Asher purchased the property from the Borax Company in 1932 and built their
         home on it in 1933.
      P  2002.01.03.27i-Print, Photographic
      group photo

      P  2002.01.03.27j-Print, Photographic
         group photo - AAA Ranch stuffed wildcat sits perched atop Mr. O'Brien's head while Raymond Mc Kee poses
         nonchalantly.  Playfully, Jefferson Asher attempts to pet the quieted cat.  The cat had been found on their
         doorstep one morning frozen from the cold.  Jefferson Asher had the wildcat stuffed.  Many playful moments
         with the cat were enjoyed by family and guests to the ranch.
      P  2002.01.03.28a-Print, Photographic
      Abe Gore, Emily Asher and Louis Rosen

      P  2002.01.03.28b-Print, Photographic
         Ruthie, Gabe and Emily

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