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           Homecoming was  a  time  to  show our  During the Homecoming dance, everyone
           Viking spirit and pride.  Our team was  was smiling, laughing, and having fun.
           pumped  up  and  ready  to  play  their  The students had time to loosen up and
           opponent Quartz Hill. The juniors  won the  enjoy the concluding homecoming event.
           float competition. They did an incredible  The Homecoming King was Dax Herrera
           job  capturing  the  seventies  era.  The  and our homecoming Queen was Frances
           enormous  crowd  had  a  tremendous  Chevok. Dr. Priesz greeted the home-
           amount to  cheer about because of the  coming court. Our Viking spirit shined
           dedication of students efforts once again.   like the stars in the sky that night.
                                                                                          Doreen  and  Matt  smile  big  for  the  camera.


                                                                SWORN  I

                                                             .K.  SHO

                                                                    DA  J~__,,,....,~-~"--···-..__..J

           (Above)Our junior  class  of '99  showed  their  school  spirit  with  their  winning  float.

            ~ STUDENT LIFE
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