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meeting the


                                 What does EXTREME mean?
                                 What does it mean to the  1997 /1998

                                 student? For many students it meant
                                 juggling school and outside life.

                                 Having to deal with challenging
                                 academic classes and both work and

                                 after school activities was plenty for
                                 any  student this year.

                                                                     Aren't they cute! Brandi Johnson and Nikita Thomas smile pretty for the picture.
                                 After school activities range from

                                 being a member of clubs to playing a
                                 variety of sports.  These extra-curricu

                                 lar activities could have ranged from
                                 having a job, doing homework, or put

                                 ting on a play.  They could have even
                                 been more relaxing things like listening

                                 to  music.

                                                                     Danielle  Reilly,  a  proud  Valencia  High  student,  smiles  for  a  picture.

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