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                                              A  Time  Of Rememberance  and  Celebration

                                            As  you  enter  the  auditorium,  a  paroxysm   toward  winning  the  Viking  Spirit  Award.
                                            of  percussion  begins  from  our  eclectic   For  Seniors, it  will be  a  year of  excitement
                                            orchestra.  An  opportunity  for  Generation   and  preparation  for  graduation.  Juniors  and
                                            Extreme  to  show  their  true  emotions  and   Sophomores  kept  the  spirit  alive.The
                                            energy.  Electricity  and  vibrance  fills  the   Freshman  were  welcomed  into  new
                                            air.  The  students  become  awestruck  from   experiences  and curiosity  this year.  Each  of
                                            the  anticipation  and  excitment  caused  from   us  were left  with  different  memories  of  the
                                            the  intensive hype  of  the  rally.  Customary   rallies.  The memories  will  never be  forgeten
                                            in  tradition, the  Seniors  triumphed  in  victory   as  we  take  one  last  look  into  '98.

          Kelly Warden and Vic the Viking fight for the spirit stick.

                                                  The  seniors  were  very  much  alive  at  the  first  rally.

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