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         h  mi  al   uch  a   p  ta  ium  and  magn  sium
       p  rchl  rate   (u  ed  in   flare)   and   ammonium
       p  rchlorat  (u  ed a  olid r  cket fu  1)  were handled at
       th    facility.     ndu trial   olvent    such   a
       trichl · r  ethen  (fCE)  and  t  trachloroethene  (PCE)
        ·ere  u  ed  for  deanin  part  in  manufacturing  and
        peration .     a  te  handlin   that  w  re  done  in
       accordanc  with  the  acceptable  practice  of  tho e
       time  re ulted in th  relea  e of wa  te chemical  to  oil
       and  groundwater  hen  ath  the  ite.  Due  to  it  high
        olubility  and  mobility,  perchlorate  was  moved  b
       groundwater  a  con iderable  di  tance,  e  entually
       reaching  the  nearby  ff-sit  water  production  wells.
       A  a  re ult,  six  water  production  well  for  the
       community  that  had  low  le  els  of perchlorate  were
        hut  down  in  1997.  To  protect  the  groundwater
       resources, it was necessary to contain and cleanup the
       affected groundwater at the  site.  The  oil under the      the  western  border  of  the  site  to  capture
       former operation  areas impacted by perchlorate and         contaminated  groundwater.       In  addition   24
        olvent  needed  to  be  cleaned  up.   fter  CllC          performance  monitoring  ·ells  have been  installed  to
       defaulted,  the  Department  of  Toxic  Sub  tances         e ·pand  the  existing  groundwater  monitoring  wells
       Control  (DTSq  i  ued  a  cleanup  and  abatement          network  to  monitor  and  confirm  capture  of
       order to Whittaker to examine  and  clean  up the soil      contaminated groundwater  at  the  site.  Over  15)000
       and gr  undwater in the source areas  beneath the site.     feet  of piping ha  been installed  to  convey extracted
       Whittaker  ha  hired  everal  pecialty  contractor  to      water  to  the  treatment  sy tern  located  near  the
       conduct  soil  and  groundwater  investigation  and         northern boundary of the site along Soledad  Canyon
       cleanup in compliance "With the DTSC order.                 Road.  The treatment  facility  is  equipped  to  remove
                                                                   the  site  chemicals  from  the  extracted  groundwater.
       HOW IS  THE SITE BEING  CLEANED UP?                         Alo, a  pilot-scale  permeable  reactive  zone  that was
       Under  o Ter  ight  of the  DTSC  and  ther  regulatory     installed  in  subsurface  along  the  n  rthwestem
        agencie  , Whittaker  has  worked  with  th  local  water   boundary  of the  site  near  the   etrolink  station  in
        companies  to re  tore lo  t groundwater production for    2015, will be e "panded to capture and treat chemicafs
       the  communi  by  importing  drinking  water  and  b        in shallow water near the northern site boundary.
       installing  well-head  treatment  faciliti   for  the
       impacted  wells.  As  a  re  ult  of the e  effort ,  two  of   The  o  erall  goal  of the  ite  cleanup  program  is  to
       the  pr  duction   ells  that  were  hut  d  wn  in  1997   cleanup  area  of the  ite where  pa  t  wa  te  handling
         ere  re  tarted  in  2  1  and  a  third  well  will  b    peration  re  ult  d  in  chemical  relea  e  t   oil  and
       restarted  in  2017.  Addi ti  nal  efforts  for  in  tailing   gr  und'1  ater the t may pre  ent an unacc  ptable risk to
       replac  ment  well  by  th   ater  purveyor  are  m         human h  alth or the en  ironment. The  method  are
       progr                                                       carried  out  ithin  th  general  c · nte  t  of  a  cleanup
                                                                   plan that include  tw  primary pr  c  ses:  in  itu  il
       The  gr  undwater  pump  ~nd  treat  sy  tern    a          vap  r   xtraction   t   remo  e    olatile   organi
       d  sign  d  to captur  and clean up c  n aminat  d  eep     c  mpounds  (V  C )  from  th   ub  urfac   oil  ;  and,
       ground'1  at  r  b  n  ath  th   it  .  i  ht  xtracti  n  w  11   ..  ca  arion  and   itu  bi  remediation  f  the   ils
       du t  rs hav  be  n install  d t  multip1  d  pth  al  ng   impacted  ith p  rchl  rat .
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