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many  Americans  went  through    themselves  for  the  unknown  but
      periods  of  skepticism  and  pessi-  exciting  challenges of the future.
      mism.  Despite  this  fact,  spirit,
      both  national  and  personal,    Top left:  Tim  Barnett struggles to capture
      peaked  in  1984.  It  was  in  the   the  lead.  Top:  The  Drum  Corps  practices
                                        for its next competition. Center: Mark Bell
      home,  as  families  viewed  the
                                        concentrates on an upcoming assignment.
      Olympic games together. It was in   Top right:  Mark Gatto gives it all.  Bottom:
      the  eyes  of  the  young  Olympic   Academic Olympics are a non-ending bat-
      runners as they struggled to attain   tle.
      their  lifetime goals.  And  it  was  in
      the words and actions of students
      at  Hart  High  School  as  they
      worked  together  throughout  the
      1983-84  school  year  to  prepare
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