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Above:  Teammates  congratulate  Mike  raise  the  spirit  at  a  playoff  rally.  Left:
                                                         Neighbors  (46)  after  his  grand  slam  ho-  Donny  Del  Valle  shows  his  true  Indian
                                                         merun.  Top  left:  A  Hart swimmer  dives   spirit.
                                                         into  victory.  Above  left:  Cheerleaders

         stood the test of time. Of course,   have  assumed  Olympic  athletes   over  the  world  gathered  in  Los
         many  aspects  of  the  Games  have   and  their  countrymen  safer  and   Angeles  to  compete  in  the Sum-
         been  improved  upon  in  recent   faster  passages  to countries  host-  mer  Games,  many  of  them  grew
         years.  Innovations in  communica-  ing  the  Games.  But  the  essential   up  among  the  remnants  of  that
         tion  have  widened  the  viewing   Olympic spirit, epitomized in  the   one  busy  summer.  While  some
         audience of the Games consider-    timeless  athlete,  thrill  of  wide-  students,  as  children,  visited  old
         ably (it  has been estimated that an   world  competition,  has  been  left   Olympic facilities such as the Me-
         audience of two and a  half  billion   unchanged  and  unimproved  by   morial  Coliseum  in  Los  Angeles,
         people  viewed  the  1984  Olym-   the  inventions of  modern  man.    the  Marine  Stadium  in  Long
         pics).  Sophisticated  times  pieces                                   Beach  or practice shooting  range
         have  increased the accuracy of all   Though  this  year's  Hart  students   in  Elysian  Park, others drove with
         records  set  in  Olympic  events.   were not alive to witness the 1932   their parents down the tree-lined
         Recent advances in transportation   Olympiad  when  athletes from  all   Olympiad  Drive  and  Athenian

                                                                                                    OPENING  CEREMONY  3
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