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Glancing  over  to  your  side,  the  passenger  seat  is  all  but  available.
                                      Piled  on  top  of the  canvas  cushion  is  the  responsibility  of living  out
                                      your  high  school  career  both  to  the  best  of your  academic  ability
                                      as  well  as  in  a manner that  allows  time  for the  more  important things

                                      in  life,  like  friendship.   Companionship  is  one  of the  most  tangible
                                      abstract  ideas  in  high  school  because  before  the four years  are  over,
                                      the  typical  drama  that  comes  along  with  being  a  teenager  is
                                      encountered.  This  extra  baggage  adds  more  stress  to  the  growing
                                      pile  that  is  your  passenger  seat.  Even  with  the  trials  and  tribulations
                                      of  life  in  high  school  it  is  important  to  cherish  the  good  times  you
                                      have  with  friends  that have  not yet become just images  in  the  rearview
                                      mirror.    With  good  friends  and  memories  being  made  on  a  daily
                                      basis,  the  future  is  still  a seemingly  distant place,  being  both  anticipated

                                      and  feared.    Feared  because  the  possibility  of  moving  friends  from
                                      the  passenger  seat  to  the  backseat  seems  inevitable,  but  anticipated
                                      because  of the  certainty  of encountering  new  experiences.  Leaving
                                      high  school  is  an  event  that  is  closer  than  many  people  can  perceive,
                                      and  for  this  reason,  it  is  essential  to  live  in  the  moment,  even  if
                                      the  moment  is  as  short-lived  as  your  high  school  career.
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