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On  the  highway  of high  school  there  are  many  side  streets  where  students  can  take
                                a break from  the  tiring  practice  of constantly  driving toward  their academic  future  and
                                express  themselves  through  different avenues  such  as  school  spirit,  friendship  and  fun.
                                This  year  witnessed  the  creation  of Viking  Nation  whose  sole  purpose  is  to  pump  up
                                the  spectators  and  athletes  involved  in  Valencia  High  athletics.  From  wearing silly
                                such  as  senior  Vince  Dennington's  Batman  getup  to  being  in  the  crowd  pumping  up
                                students  such  as  senior  Brittany  Burbank,  Viking  Nation  got  the  job  done,  with  VHS
                                pride  at  it's  all  time  high. Rallies  are  another way  for students  to  display  their spirit,  as
                                performances from cheer, hip-hop team, band and dance as well as  competitions between
                                students  and  teachers  like  grape  stomping  all  enthuse  the  crowd.  Special  rallies  such
                                as  the  Valencia  ten-year  anniversary  brought  such  monumental  performances  such  as
                                the  co-ed  dance  team,  featuring  Senior and  Sophomore  brothers  Tony and  Kevin  Ker,
                                who ripped off their pants and swung them around their heads while demanding ''Respect"
                                from  the  crowd.  Another  side  street  several  juniors  took  this  year  was  to  support
                                their friend Jingcheng Xu  in  his  homecoming nomination and victory, as  well  as  a clothing
                                line  featuring  his  face. Jingcheng's  win  broke  many  barriers,  uniting  many  groups  of
                                people  within  the  junior class,  as  Christopher  Robles  demonstrates  as  he  congratulates
                                Jingcheng on  being the junior class  winner. Although  school  spirit is  an  avenue frequently
                                traveled  by  high  school  students,  others  view school  as  just a time  to enjoy themselves
                                while  not getting  caught  up  in  the  interchanges  of high  school.  The  activity  that  these
                                students  choose  to  engage  in  is  more  relaxed,  such  as  playing  hackie-sac  with
                                crewmembers of JAG, as junior David Witz and seniors John Chapman and Cristian Sanchez
                                exhibit during  lunch. Throughout the four years  of secondary education, these  little  side
                                streets  will  always  be  an  option  and  will  continually  provide  a source  of memories  to
                                be  added  to  the  backseat  of the  car  that  speeds  in  the  fast  lane  of  high  school.

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