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Jlassic TV Invades ...

                                                                                   A  moment  like  this...  Members  of  the  Senior  Court,  Jayme
                                                                                   Young  and  Danny  Gonzalez  savor  being  the  center  of attention
                                                                                   as  the  fireworks  blaze  in  the  background.

                                                                                   It  takes  two.  Best  friends  Alex  Greenberg  and  Drew  Aresca
                                                                                   show  their  Viking  spirit  by  participating  in  the  "twins"  spirit  day.

                                                         Wait,  what?  Although  Junior
                                                         Trevor  Miller  was  elected  to  the
                                                         Homecoming  court  himself,  he  still
                                                         manages  to  show  support  for  his
                                                         friend  Jingcheng  Xu.

                                                                               -    .
                                                         .     ·.

                                    ••••                                   -  •

                                   What  do  you  bid?  Senior  members  of  Viking  Nation,  Steve  Lee,  Evan
                                   Pollock,  and  Robby  New,  compete  for  prizes  during  the  Homecoming
                                   Varsity  football  game.  It's  okay  guys,  your  scores  are  bound  to  improve.
                                                                                        Go  for  the  gold!  Junior  Kyle  Schnurr  participates
                                                                                        in  a  pie  eating  contest  at  brunch  during  Home-
                                                                                        coming  week.  There  were  various  brunch  activities
                                                                                        available  to  the  students  this  year,  as  ASB  tried  to
                                                                                        raise  school  spirit  while  promoting  the  game.
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