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Watch  out  when  the  alley  cats  strike!
                                                            In  their  feline  costumes,  Brian  Thomas,  Curtis
                                                            Baxter,  Christopher  Zibach  and  Matt  Bernot
                                                            stretch  out  to  show  off  their  claws.
                                                            Pat   Benatar  eat  your  heart  out.
                                                            Sophmore  Amanda  Phillipps  takes  the
                                                            returning  S0's  fashion  to  a  new  level  with
                                                            bright  neon  colors,  an  acid  wash  jean  vest
                                                            and  an  attitude  that  screams  "We  are  young!"

                                 There  goes  my  hero.  Kelly
                                 Brannagan,  Katie  Oakden,
                                 Robbyn  Klein  and  Jayme  Young
                                 are  all  set  to  save  the  day  from
                                 evil  things  that  lurk  in  the  dark.

                                                     Stick 'em up! Kevin Moore patrols the VHS campus to
                                                     serve and protect his fellow students.
                                                     The Odd Couple. Brian Skinner in his golfing getup and
                                                     Ian Greenberg in his red zebra print suit strut their stuff
                                                     in a Halloween competition.
           Student Life

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