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                                                                                              You  want  HOW  MANY???  Jen  Kerum  an
                                                                                              Ashton  Smith  take  a  break  from  the  dancing  ,
                                                                                              the  large  gym  to  enjoy  water  and  an  eclair.
                                                                   Drumroll  please.  Senior  Breanne
                                                                   Erickson  announces  the  Winter
                                                                   Formal  court  at  about  ten  o'clock.

                                  American  Idol  live.  Seniors  John  Suggs  and
                                  Jason  Beresford  take  a  minute  to  enjoy  the
                                  activities  in  the  small  gym,  such  as  the  ever
                                  embarassing  but  irresistible  karaoke  singing.
                                  Their  Royal  highness ... King  and  Queen  of
                                  Winter  Formal  2004  were  Seniors  Danielle
                                  Medina  and  Jeff  Bomberger.

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