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Y'all  come  back  now.  Senior  Kevin
                                                                Moore  is  one  of the  many  students  to
                                                                participate  in  Western  Day.

    Senior  Court:  Elizabeth  Allen,  Brian  Lindsey,  David  Foglesong,   Junior  Court:  Trevor  Miller,  Michelle  Manning,  Brittany  Arvizu,
    Breanne  Erickson,  Charles  Yi,  Jayme  Young,  Avi  Young,  Nicole   Jingcheng  Xu,  Brittany  Corey,  and  Nicholas  Murillo.
    Holcomb,  Danny  Gonzalez,  and  Jayme  Fisher.

    Sophomore  Court:  Lucas  Madden,  Nicole  Pappadato,  Amanda   Freshman  Court:  Kelly  Armstrong,  Jeremy  Carson,  Stephanie
    Whitaker,  Jake  Fricke,  Jordan  Hershey  and  Nando  Bragger.   Cassotta,  Virgil  Hill,  Kasey  Morales,  and  Shane  Vereen.
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