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Having  a  good  ol'  time.  Spencer  and  Wes
                                                         Bracken  spent  one  month  of  their  summer
                                                         vacation   in  Japan.  They  went  to  the  beach
                                                         everyday  and  even  had  the  oppurtunity  to  attend
                                                         a  day  of school  at  a Japanese  high  school.  Here
                                                         they  are  attending  a  carnival.

                               Bo ys   o f   summ e r .   A aro n
                               Woodhouse  and  his  family  visited
                               Missouri to  see  historic sites  like the
                               Ga t e w a y   A rc h .   An d r e w
                               woodhouse  and  his  family  enjoyed
                               a  beautiful  sunset  on  the  Mississippi
                               River  in  Nauvoo,  Illinois.

                                                       Hawk s   in   th e   ho use.   Jaso n
                                                       Beresford  poses  with  Atlanta  Hawks
                                                       forward  Stephen Jackson.
                                                       You  can  dance   if  you  want  to.
                                                       Diana  Sholes  spent  her  summer  at  a
                                                       Cal  Arts  summer  program  for  dance.
                                                       At  the  end  of the  course,  she  received
                                                       an  award  where  famous  choreogra-
                                                       pher  Wade  Robson  was  present

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