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        1. A 7.0 Earthquake hit the country of Haiti on January 12, 2010 devastating the countryside.  The Student
             Task Force, Pathfinder's Christian, and French Club raised over $1,200 for Doctors Without Borders. 2.
             Swirly's Frozen Yogurt hosted National Art Honor Society's event to aid the resucue efforts in Haiti.  3.
        Senior Daniel Sutherland performs in a benefit event to raise money and awareness for the Haitian relief.
           4.  Sophomores Michelle Trujillo, Victoria Stevens, Elijah Valentine, Ashley De La Cruz, and Joseph
                              Quezada Vasquez remember the late Michael Jackson,-who died this past summer.

                                                                                                How did you feel about President
                                       How did you feel about the                                  Obama's first year in office?
                                     Saints winning the Super Bowl?
                                    "I thought that the game was                                "I think that for anyone to take
                                    ridiculous; the Colts were way                              office at this point in time is a
                                    better and should have won that                             difficult task to take on, and I
                                    game!"                                                      think he is trying his best."
                                     --Junior Stephanie Basore                                  --Junior Kristin Krabach

      How did you feel about the death                               What did you feel about the
            of Michael Jackson?                                         earthquake in Haiti?
                                                                  "I feel that the earthquake in Haiti was a
     "I was really sad when I found out
                                                                  very devastating event because of all the
     that he passed away. His music                               people who lost their lives that day. It must
     was amazing."                                                have been hard for them knowing that
           --Freshman Madeline Elam                               their homes and lives were destroyed."
                                                                           --Sophomore Chris Gimenez

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