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1923]          Jones: Mound Excavations Near Stockton       117

               the top of the mound showed slight evidences of having been partly
               burned-as though attempted cremation had been practiced-and
               that they exhibited no regularity in orientation or methed of burial,
               save that they were usually extended on the back. A number of the
               curved obsidians already referred to were found by Barr in this

                                      K   \\        E

                                          .... ..\      :_

                  Map showing mound no. 4, Stockton, with relation to slough, levee, cutting,
               trenches, etc.; also section through mound.

                  I estimate the original size of this mound to hjve been about 100
               feet by 75 feet, with a high and habitable porti5n measuring some
               50 feet by 40 feet, and approximately 7 feet rise above the level of
               the plain. All that part to the north and northeast of the levee has
               been dug to a depth of from 2 to 4 feet; on the south side of the
               levee and east of the ditch cut by dredging, most of the soil has
               been disturbed to the same depth, numerous holes have been sunk,
               and some bodies have been found; on the portion located on the island
               artificially formed by the channel made in cutting for the levee, only
               traces of refuse can be found; southwest of the levee, between the
               point where it turns from west to northwest and the northwest extrem-
               ity of the mound, the soil does not appear to have been disturbed
               prior to my excavations.
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