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                             Sec.  1112.  Owyhee Wilderness Areas boundary modifications.
                             Sec.  1113.  Chugach Region land study.
                             Sec.  1114.  Wildfire technology modernization.
                             Sec.  1115.  McCoy Flats Trail System.
                             Sec.  1116.  Technical  corrections  to  certain  laws  relating  to  Federal  land  in  the
                                       State of Nevada.
                             Sec.  1117.  Ashley Karst National Recreation and Geologic Area.
                             Sec.  1118.  John Wesley Powell National Conservation Area.
                             Sec.  1119.  Alaska Native Vietnam era veterans land allotment.
                             Sec.  1120.  Red River gTadient boundary survey.
                             Sec.  1121.  San Juan County settlement implementation.
                             Sec.  1122.  Rio  Puerco Watershed management progTam.
                             Sec.  1123.  Ashley Springs land conveyance.
                                          Subtitle C-Wilderness Designations and Withdrawals
                                                     PART  I-GENERAL PROVISIONS
                             Sec.  1201.  Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks conservation.
                             Sec.  1202.  Cerro del Yuta and Rio San Antonio Wilderness Areas.
                             Sec.  1203.  Methow Valley, Washington, Federal land withdrawal.
                             Sec.  1204.  Emigrant Crevice withdrawal.
                             Sec.  1205.  Oregon Wildlands.
                                          PART II- EMERY  COUNTY  PuBLIC LAND MANAGEMENT
                             Sec.  1211.  Definitions.
                             Sec.  1212.  Administration.
                             Sec.  1213.  Effect on water rights.
                             Sec.  1214.  Savings clause.
                                             SUBPART  A-SAN RAFAEL  SWELL  RECREATION  AREA
                             Sec.  1221.  Establishment of Recreation Area.
                             Sec.  1222.  Management of Recreation Area.
                             Sec.  1223.  San Rafael Swell Recreation Area Advisory Council.
                                                     SUBPART B-WllDERNESS AREAS
                             Sec.  1231.  Additions to the National Wilderness Preservation System.
                             Sec.  1232.  Administration.
                             Sec.  1233.  Fish and wildlife management.
                             Sec.  1234.  Release.
                                             SUBPART C- Wll.D AND  SCENIC  RIVER  DESIGNATION
                             Sec.  1241.  Green River wild and scenic river designation.
                                            SUBPART D--IAND MANAGEMENT AND  CONVEYANCES
                             Sec.  1251.  Goblin Valley State Park.
                             Sec.  1252.  Jurassic National Monument.
                             Sec.  1253.  Public land disposal and acquisition.
                             Sec.  1254.  Public purpose conveyances.
                             Sec.  1255.  Exchange of BLM and School and Institutional Trust Lands Administra-
                                       tion land.
                                                   Subtitle D-Wild and Scenic Rivers
                             Sec.  1301.  Lower Farmington River and Salmon Brook wild and scenic river.
                             Sec.  1302.  Wood-Pawcatuck watershed wild and scenic river segments.
                             Sec.  1303.  Nashua wild and scenic rivers, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
                                         Subtitle E-California Desert Protection and Recreation
                             Sec.  1401.  Definitions.
                             Sec.  1411.  California desert conservation and recreation.
                                          PART  II- DESIGNATION  OF  SPECIAL MANAGEMENT AREA
                             Sec.  1421.  Vinagre Wash Special Management Area.
                                              PART  III- NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM  ADDITIONS
                             Sec.  1431.  Death Valley National Park boundary revision.
                             Sec.  1432.  Mojave National Preserve.
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