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                                    (D) ensuring public access to the Memorial.
                               (2)  CONSULTATION.-In  preparing  the  recommendations
                          required  under  paragraph  (1),  the  Secretary  shall  consult
                                    (A) appropriate Federal agencies;
                                    (B)  State, Tribal, and local governments, including the
                               Santa Clarita City Council; and
                                    (C) the public.
                               (1)  ESTABLISHMENT.-There  is  established  as  a  national
                          monument  in  the  State  certain  National  Forest  System  land
                          administered  by  the  Secretary  in  the  county  of Los  Angeles,
                          California,  comprising  approximately  353  acres,  as  generally
                          depicted  on  the  map  entitled  "Proposed  Saint  Francis  Dam
                          Disaster  National  Monument"  and  dated  September  12,  2018,
                          to  be  known  as  the  "Saint  Francis  Dam  Disaster  National
                               (2) PURPOSE.-The purpose of the Monument is to conserve
                          and  enhance  for  the  benefit  and  enjoyment  of the  public  the
                          cultural, archaeological, historical, watershed, educational, and
                          recreational resources and values of the Monument.
                          (e) DUTIES  OF  THE  SECRETARY WITH  RESPECT TO  MONUMENT.-
                               (1) MANAGEMENT PLAN.-
                                    (A)  IN  GENERAL.-N ot  later  than  4  years  after  the
                               date of enactment  of this Act,  the  Secretary shall  develop
                               a  management plan for the Monument.
                                    (B)  CONSULTATION.-The  management  plan  shall  be
                               developed in consultation with-
                                         (i) appropriate Federal agencies;
                                         (ii) State, Tribal, and local governments; and
                                         (iii) the public.
                                    (C) CONSIDERATIONS.-ln developing and implementing
                               the  management  plan,  the  Secretary  shall,  with  respect
                               to methods of protecting and providing access to the Mon u-
                               ment,  consider the  recommendations  of the  Saint  Francis
                               Disaster National Memorial Foundation, the Santa Clarita
                               Valley Historical Society, and the Community Hiking Club
                               of Santa Clarita.
                               (2) MANAGEMENT.-The  Secretary shall manage the Monu-
                                    (A)  in  a  manner that conserves  and enhances the cul-
                               tural and historic resources of the Monument; and
                                    (B) in accordance with-
                                         (i) the Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources
                                    Planning Act of 1974 (16 U.S.C. 1600 et seq.);
                                         (ii)  the  laws  generally  applicable  to  the  National
                                    Forest System;
                                         (iii) this section; and
                                         (iv) any other applicable laws.
                               (3) USES.-
                                    (A)  USE  OF  MOTORIZED  VEHICLES.-The  use  of motor-
                               ized  vehicles  within  the  Monument  may  be  permitted
                                         (i)  on  roads  designated  for  use  by  motorized
                                    vehicles in the management plan required under para-
                                    graph (1);
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