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                     Local Agency Formation Commission
                         for the County of Los Angeles

                   I Pre-634                                   I Post 634
                     None                                        None                                        I

                     Pre-634                                     Post 634
                    Voter-approved indebtedness for the State    Same
                    Water Project

                    Pre-634                                      Post 634
                    Water rates (imported and retail; each retail   Same
                    enterprise has its own rate structure)

               d.   How will the implementation of SB 634 (Creating Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency) impact the
                   timely availability of water supplies adequate for projected needs?

                    SB 634 will have no impact on the availability of water supplies for projected needs. As discussed
                    in the Urban Water Management Plan, the Agency expects to have sufficient supplies to meet
                    projected demands.

               e.   Briefly describe/summarize the Employee Transition Plan  (e.g.: Employee benefits, rights, attrition,

                        •   All employees of Newhall County Water District, Castaic Lake Water Agency and Valencia
                           Water Company became employees of the Agency. Existing years of service and accrued
                           benefits were carried over.
                        •   On January 2, 2018, an employee manual was adopted, which generally provides
                           employees with the benefits provided by Newhall County Water District or Castaic Lake
                           Water Agency, whichever was more generous.
                        •   SCV Water has set a goal to assimilate all employees to a single salary and benefits
                           schedule to ensure equitable pay for similar work.
                        •   Combining entities offers opportunities for staffing economies. These will be achieved
                           through principles of normal attrition, reassignment and absorption where appropriate.
                           No layoffs are anticipated.
                        •   For more detail, see section 4.1 of the Plan of Services.

              f.   Would the implementation of SB 634 cause the formation of any new JPAs?  If yes,  briefly describe:


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