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             The Santa Clarita Valley Boys' and Girls' Club welcomes you to its Fifth Annual Benefit Auction. The auction will
           be  divided  into  two  parts:  the  live  auction,  verbal bidding  on  the  major  items  conducted  by  Jerry  Holland,
           professional auctioneer, and the silent auction,  written bidding for the items on  bid boards.
             The Santa Clarita Valley Boys' Club is a charter member of the Boys' Club of America, and is headquartered in
           Newhall. We serve boys and girls ages 7-18 in the communities of Newhall, Saugus, Valencia, Castaic and Canyon
             Your attendance at this event and your contributions will help provide recreational programs and facilities for
           more than 1,000 Santa Clarita Valley boys and girls. We thank you  for  your attendance  and  hope  you  have an
           enjoyable evening.

                            The Santa Clarita Valley Boys' & Girls' Club*

                                     Members and Programs in Action

                 MissionBay•  fantastic."

        Trip programming provides an out-of-the-community recreational   Sports  programs  are  carried  on  between  satellite  clubs.  The
        and cultural experience for  the boys and girls.          emphasis is on fun,  not competition.

                                     The teen center in Newhall offers teens indoor activities five days
             "Who'sgot the           a week.                                                   II We cn    work
             next game? ,,                                                                          this out."
        Social  recreation  is  the  main  part  of  the  boys'  and  girls'  club   A very important aspect of the Boys' and Girls'  Club program is
        program. This provides social growth through group play.   guidance for young people.

                  "Where'd the boys go?"          ,,                                    smarter than yours."

       Through the arts and crafts program, boys and girls participated   Fridays are Special Event days where the entire club participates
       in  embroidering  and  assembling  the  bicentennial  quilt  for  the   in events such as kite flying, bicycle motocross,  special olympics,
       auction.                                                   parties, etc.
                                *Sponsored by the Santa Clarita Valley Boys'  Club,  Inc.
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