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Time                                           genuine, nostalgic, coin-operated bowling machine!
                                                                      23 FUNKY BOWLING ALLEY.  Just what
                                                                           you've wanted for  your games' room:  a

                 DOONESBURY                                     This "Sunny-Shuffle Alley" is of 1950's vintage and
                                                                is  in  perfect  shape.  Complete  with  electronic
               Politics in th  Funny Papers
                                                                scoring,  allowing  six  persons  to  play  at  once,  it
                                                                operates on house current at 10 cents a game - or
                                                                can be set for free games. Set up in your bar, have a
                                                                ball!                               A. T. Barnebey

      A  20 STRIP  POLITICS.  A  real  collector's
                 item - an original copy of the popular
      daily comic strip "Doonesbury," in the hand of  its
      creator,  Mr.  Garry  Trudeau.  Recently  awarded  a
      Pulitzer Prize for his work and featured in  a Time
      Magazine cover story, Trudeau accompanied Pres-
      dent  Ford  on  his  trip  to  Peking last  year.  He  is
      presenting  a  copy  of  a  four-panel  strip  which
      appeared in print during the last 12 months. A rare
      prize  for  the  followers  of  Doonesbury,  Joanie
      Caucus,  Zonker, and all the rest.
                                          Garry Trudeau
                               Universal Press Syndicate

     A  21 BON  APPETIT.  A  gourmet  French                         24 FLY  TO  "THE  CITY''  AND  SAIL
                dinner  for  eight persons  is  special, but              BACK.  Four persons will  board a PSA
     when the certified French chef comes to your home         "Grinning Bird" on  Friday, bound for  the  City  by
     to  prepare  it,  that's  spectacular.  The  feast  will   the Bay.  You'll stay for two nights in two elegant
     include  a  multi-course  meal  of  special,  private     rooms  at  the  luxurious  Hyatt  on  Union  Square
     recipes  with  several  excellent  wines  provided  to    where  every  room  has  an  outside  view  of  San
     complement  the  dishes.  This  item  is  tops  in        Francisco's most famous scenes and is furnished as a
     elegance,  you'll  never  settle  for  catering  again.   residence with a living area. You'll "climb aboard a
     Must be used by November 1, 1976.                         train  going  nowhere"  with  dinner  for  four  at
                      Sunrise Spirits and Food Company         Victoria Station. On  Sunday morning,  you'll board
                                                               the fabulous  "S.S.  Mariposa"  for  the  return  trip,
      z,         Two persons will fly to Sacramento for a      cruising down the California coast to Los  Angeles,
           22 CAPITAL INVESTMENT.  What a day!
                                                               arriving 9 a.m.  Monday.  As  guests  of  Pacific  Far
     day with Assemblyman Bob  Cline.  The Assembly-           East Lines,  you'll  have  staterooms  and  all  meals
                                                               provided.  Relax,  swim,  dance  the  night  away.
     man  will  show  you  the  workings  of  State            Indulge yourselves.
     government on a personal tour and you can watch                                     Pacific Southwest Airlines
     the  Legislature  if  it's  in  session.  Your  excursion                              Hyatt On Union Square
     includes air transportation, lunch and a fine dinner.                                         Victoria Station
                             Assemblyman Robert Cline                                         Pacific Far East Line

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