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                                                                      28 CALLING ALL CARS. This unique and
                                                                            valuable  mobile  telephone  could  be  a
                                                                tremendous benefit to your business,  by  allowing
                                                                you to conduct business on the move and assuring
                                                                you'll never miss a call. When permanently installed
                                                                in your car, the Mark III mobile telephone takes up
                                                                far less space than regular mobile phones, both in
                                                                the handset control and the electronic transceiving
                                                                unit which  weighs only  4½  pounds.  It's valued  at
                                                                $2000 but could mean much more to you in profits.
                                                                               Canyon Communications Corporation

                                                                29 TRENCH  CONNECTION.  Tired  of
                                                                            things backing up? Here's your chance to
      2525 VICTORIAN  ELEGANCE.  The  ulti-                     connect  your  house  to the sewer  at  the  property
                  mate  in  opulence  {or  decadence):  the     line, and have your cesspool filled in. Maximum 50'
      88-year-old Newhall mansion in Piru will be at your       connection, must be accessible for backhoe with no
      service. Treat yourself and your party {up to eight       excessive trenching.  Permit fees  must be  paid  by
      persons) to an elegant afternoon pool  party with a       owner. Santa Clarita Valley homes only.
      champagne luncheon, or to an evening dinner in the                              Staats Construction Company
      Victorian  dining  room.  A  professional  maid  and
      butler  at  your  service,  your  party  will  enjoy  a
      four-course  feast  with  choice  of  menu,  vintage
      wines  and champagne,  and  antique  silver service.
      You've seen this mansion on many TV thrillers and
      horror films.  An evening you'll never forget.
                                Mr. & Mrs. Scott Newhall

     26 48-HOUR FLING. Here's your chance to
                 have a weekend affair and  not  have  to
     worry about the social repercussions. The infamous
     Rev.  "Sweet"  Dick Whittington  of  KFI  radio  will
     unite you and that secret someone  in  holier-than-
                                                                         -   ,._
     thou  matrimony  and  present  you  with  a  wedding
                                                                                                 1   SC
     certificate,  valid  for  only  48  hours.  Of  course  it's                      I            ..
     "legitimate", if he can wed the Queen Mary and the               -                                  .
     King of Long Beach - why not a limited-contract
     marriage?                 "Sweet" Dick Whittington

                                                                        30 Houseboat         VACATION.  Kick  back
                                                                             and relax for a full week aboard a deluxe
            27 CADDY  FOR  DADDY.  Three  months                  Flagship on  Lake  Shasta.  Your Play*Mate  House-
                 use of this replica of a 1903 Cadillac will      boat  is  fully  equipped  with  stereos,  cooking  and
      make you the talk of the town.  It's 7 /8 the size of       eating utensils,  linens,  appliances  and  a  full  bath
      the original and has a top speed of 38 mph - ideal          with  sleeping room for  10.  The vacation  must  be
      for  around-town  travel  or  to  keep  your  teenager      taken between October 1,  1976  and  May  12,  1977
      under the speed limit. Use is from June 12 to Labor         and advance reservation must be made. You'lll even
      Day.  A  great  summer  car.  Winner  must  carry           be given 60 gallons of gas from the Bridge Bay gas
      appropriate insurance.                  Anonymous          dock.                 Bridge Bay Resort and Marina

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