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     GROUP  2

     201      HAIR EXTRAORDINAIRE.  For that one
              time in your life - a certificate entitling a
     lady  to  an  exquisite  cut  and  style  at  the  most
     renown coiffeurs in the world - Vidal Sassoon. Do
     your hair as they do in Paris, for that very special
     evening,  at  Sassoon's  California  Salon  in  Beverly
     Hills.  It'll bring the "Duchess" out in you  and  the
     nobleman in your man.
                              Vidal Sassoon of California

     202  FOR  PIIlLATELISTS.  This  set  of  three
              first-day-issue  stamped  envelopes  are  a
     great addition  to a  stamp collection.  There's a  6t
     stamp issued during National Airmail Week on May
     16,  1938,  there's  a  3c stamp  commemorating  the
     300th anniversary of printing in the United States
     and a 3c stamp honoring General George S.  Patton
     Jr.                     Mr.&Mrs. WilliamT.Ross
                                                                205      ASTROLOGICAL.  An  astrological  chart
                                                                         will be prepared for two persons when the
                                                                donor  is  given  the  date,  exact  time  and  place  of
                                                                birth. It's a natal chart with transits for  one  year
                                                                and  a  general  reading.  See what's in the stars for
                                                                you.                                        Pat Gast

                                                                206  ONE-OF-A-KIND.  This ring with the look
                                                                         of American Indian jewelry features a light
                                                                green and  emerald  green "Swirl Malachite"  stone
                                                                set in silver. The stone, a carbonate of copper, was
                                                                mined in the Arizona desert mountains.
                                                                                               Orville E. Davenport

     203  CARTED  AWAY.  A  golfer's  delight:
              fees  for  two  foursomes  at  the  Vista  207  HOT  DOG!  Celebrate  a  special  birthday
     Valencia Golf Course. Plus 4 powered golf carts to                  with the works - a party for 15, complete
     whisk your parties from tee to tee. Valid weekdays        with birthday cake,  favors,  and  do-it-yourself hot
     except holidays through December 31, 1976. Fore!          dogs  and  ice  cream sundaes.  And  don't  forget  to
                               Vista Valencia GolfCourse       make a wish!
                                                                                 Fundae Sundae Ice Cream Parlour

                                                                208  VIBRANT  SCAPE.  This  work by Elbert
     204  DON'T  TAKE IT  WITH  YOU.  What will                          (Bert)  Walter,  CalArts  bookstore  mana-
              happen to your family  after you're  gone?       ger,  combines  his  talent  for  abstract  painting,
     Prepare yourself now with this limited-estate  will       sculpture and design with an emphasis on color over
    for  two,  legally  prepared and  filed  by  one  of  our   form  in  the  acrylic  medium.  His  professional
    valley's attorneys. In spite of your holdings,  you'll     background  has  been  in  radio  and  television
    feel like a philanthropist.                                directing  and  writing  and  in  independent  film -
                                 Lowder, Hon and White         making.                               Elbert Walker
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