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Blood streams down the left side of Jerry Quarry's
         face during the third and final round of his first
         fight against Ali (above).  Quarry (right) begs any-
         one who'll listen not to  stop the fight despite the
         cut, which would require 11  stitches to  close.  Ali
         seemed to  be tiring and the bout might have ended
         differently had Tony Perez not stopped the contest.

        ancial  rewards  that  go  with  it.  All  he  him and  he  couldn't hurt me!   Ali  doesn't like  to go  the full  route
        has  to  do  is  beat  the  only  man  to   "I'm fast  enough when  I get myself  lately. Even though he  knew he would
        defeat  him  twice  -  Muhammad  Ali.  loose  and  when  I get  myself oriented  get  the  decision  over  Frazier,  he  was
        If  he  can  get  past  Ali,  Foreman will  to  the  fight.  I  can  cut  him  off.  Joe  obviously disapp9inted following that
        be  forced  into fighting  him.   Frazier did a good job on Ali [in their  bout.  He wanted to end it early, when
          If  he  can  get  a  fight  with  Ali,  first  bout]  and  I  don't  think  Frazier  his  stamina  is  still  there.  Ali  was ·
        which  would  probably mean a  bigger  is  any  faster  on  his  feet  than  I  am.  very  tired  in  the  later  rounds  against
        payday  than  a  championship  bout,  That's  why  I picked , Frazier over Ali.  Frazier.
        Quarry  is  fairly  certain  he  can  win  Ali  doesn't  have  the  power to  keep  a   Cuts  being  Ali's  main hope against
        the bout.  Many  experts  agree  with  Joe  Frazier  away  from  him.  He  Quarry is not much of a hope. Quarry,
        him.                              doesn't have the power to keep me off  in  fact,  cuts very  rarely.
          The  fight  plan  would  be  similar to  of him  once  I get relaxed and moving   "Everybody thinks  I'm a cutter and
        the  one  Quarry  ho.ped  to  use  against  good.                    bleeder,"  Jerry  acknowledges.  "But
        Ali  in  their  second  fight,  before  his   "I  gave  him  too  much  punching  I'm  not.  I've  had  three  major  cuts
        brother's loss suppo,sedly knocked the  room  early  in  the  first  fight.  Even  since  I've  been  fighting.  One  was  in
        desire  out  of  him.  Quarry  outlined  though  there were  times  I cut him off  my  first  fight  with  Floyd  Patterson.
        how  the  fight  should  go  and  then  I  was  still  too  far  awal  from  him.  One  was  in  my  fight  with  Frazier
        ignored  his  entire  plan.  Whether  the  Frazier  cuts  him  off  but  he's  right  and  the other was with Ali. That does
        ability  of  Muhammed  Ali  had  any- there  in  front of him when he does it.  not make  me  a  bleeder.
        thing  to  do  with  that  is  a  matter of  That's what I intend  to do."   "Even  the  cut  I  received  against
        opinion.                            The  one  allegation  which  writers  Frazier  was  only  a  slight  nick  under
          "Ali can't  really  hurt you," Quarry continue to hurl at Quarry is that he is  the  eye.  And  they  didn't  stop  that
        claims. "'I  knew I could go to him once  a  "bleeder",  that  cuts  will  stop  his  fight  because  of  that  cut.  It  wasn't
         I  got  myself loose.  I could go to him  fights.  Ali  defeated  him  once  before  even  bleeding.  They  stopped  the fight
         without  fear  of  being  hurt  by  his  by  opening a  gash  over his  right eye.  because  my  right  eye  was  completely
         punching power.  I  knew  he could not  Since  Ali's  knockout record since  the  closed and  that was  from  a  head butt
         stop  me  coming  in  and  carrying  the  first  Frazier  bout  is  almost  nil,  it  that  landed  above  my  eye and closed
        fight  to  him.  I  knew  I  could  get  him  would  seem  Ali  would have to  try to  it.  .
         out  of  there  because  I  could hurt.  reopen  those cuts.         "The  cut  I  suffered  against  Ali  is
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