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SOUND  OFF!                  Frazier's left landed twice as much this
                                             (Continued from  Page 45)      fight than in their last bout; Joe fought
                                                                            three minutes of every rou11d while Ali
                                          lose the second Frazier bout due to the  either  danced'_ away  or  held  on,
          I: ·, ,-"I~,-.~'\  Easy  home study  course pre pares   fact he was a .. one-handed" fighter (left  although  he  did  land  some  effective
                  men and women  for the ex c iting
                  and  rewording  inve stigation   jab only).  In his two previous bouts he  shots during the fight.
                  profession.  SFND  NOW  FOR  FREE   was asked why he  never used his.right  -  There  are  at  least  100  Ali  fans  to
           DETAILS about course,  lapel  pin  and  diploma .
           No  salesman will  call.       hand.  He said he was saving it for Joe  every  Frazier  supporter.  It  didn't
          UNIVERSAL DETECTIVES            Frazier. Anybody sayingthat Muham-  matter  if  Ali  danced,  hit,  winked  or
             B~t'~•littAL crH. cf8l 9%~~   mad  Ali  is  finished  definitely  doesn't  missed; there was a roar of approval. I
                                          know anything about boxing.-      feel Ali won because if he didn't boxing ,
                                 The knife fqt   Joe Frazier could have used his wife  would  have  lost  a· lot  of fans-not
                                 all  around  as second and she could  have done no  boxing  fans,  but  "Ali  fans.  And  a
                                 uae.  IUrtor
                                poltahed,  lm•
                               , ported  at■ lnleu  worse  than  he  did.  I  saw Joe  Frazier  Foreman  vs.  Ali  fight  would  make
                              ateel blade honed
                          ftlck~~/1::. -:~=   when  he  lost  his  title  to  George  more  dough  than  a  Foreman-Frazier
                             \o a  raaor'• edse.
                        position.  Blade will not cloae   Foreman. He reminded me of a puppet  rematch.
                        ,.,hen  In  UAe,  Pres■ button In
                        liandle  t.o close.  Safety finger   with  very  weak  strings.  Heavyweight
            ,,g_        guard.  Sure-1rrlp  handle.  Bal•
            -Y-"""-  anced for targllet throwing.  lit ,110KSN
             1/ .  N:'~1''111NO~r J:.A:: :::.~:.,';,~.">,E::-c~c,., :J  champion George  Foreman predicted
         /  /V   pleased.  Special  le Sale.  REG.  PRICE·
             ng/~a'!..f1~n~~ :.:::rt!;'~At ~;~~:~ :ekcnr.=:   Muhammad Ali would lose the second
            OROF.ll  NOW!  MldWeKt  Knife  co.,  9043  s.  Wea\em   fig•ht to "The Robot" Joe Frazier. We'll
           Il<';;t.  XDDK- 24   Chicago,  Ill.  606~0.  Eat.  1934'.
                                          see how well Foreman makes out when
                                          he goes against the one-handed fighter.
                                                  L.E.  SETTEE            .
                                                  Jenpeg,  Manitoba, Canada
                                          IN  JOE'S  CO~NER
                                            Many  boxing  fans  may  disagree
                                          with  me.  Frankly,  I  don't  care.  Joe
                                          Frazier is  back.   ·   '
                                            In Joe_'s fight with George Foreman
                                          he  wasn't  physically  or  mentally
                                          prepare_d.  He just did  not know what
                                          was going on.You could tell in his next
                 Now!  A super-high  long-line con-  fight against Joe Bugner he was'better,
                  troller made of power knit Lycra   but  not  completely.  It ·took  someone
                    Spandex  that  will  give  you   like  Muhammad  Ali,  who  constantly
                         everything you  ever
                    ■ wanted  in  comfort   mocked  Joe,  until  Joe  woke  up  and
                                and ease.   finally realized how much he wanted to
                         ADJUSTABLE ZIPPER   ~in  in  his  second  fight  with  Ali.  He
                    '    PANEL  TO:       may  have  lost  but  he  fought  like  a
                         •  Cinch  inches off waist
                          and  buttocks!   champ as he did in  1971  when he  beat   Joe Frazier,  according to  many ob-
                         •  Vital back support for   Ali.
                          lumbar & Sacro!                                    servers, won the AU fight.  He al-
                         •  Raises  Abdomen &   Joe still has a lot left in him, and has   so proved he's from  finished.
                          keeps  itthere!
                                          he  fights  his  best.  He  may have lost a
                         •  Straightens sagging   one  more shot at the championship if
                          stomach  muscles!                                   Naturally,  Ali  isn't  screaming for a
                         •  Hernia  support!   little, but you can't prove to me he has ·  fight with  Foreman because if they do
                         •  Shapes your physique
                                          lost very  much in  his  ability.   meet  I'm  afraid  Ali  will  be  knocked
                                                        JOHN  KNIPFING      ·cold.  Ali  is  a  great  boxer  and
                                                        Carle  Place,  N.Y.   ,  showman, but I feel the latter won him
                                                                            the  fight.
                     ~;;.~ FRAZIER  WON  IT                                             GERALD COLUCCI
                                            I  viewed  the  Frazier""Ali_ bout  on      Long  Beach, Calif.
                     Before        After
         Zipper  front  panel  lets  you  flatten· those  impos-  closed circuit TV. While it was a good
         sible  bulges  and  gives  you  that  youthful  trim   fight,  I felt  it was Joe's from the third  . ~LI  VS.  CHARLES
         abdomen  and  sleek  physique.  Soft,  stretch  nylon
         pouch  has  built  in  masculine  support.  $999   round  on.        I'll  bet  no  one  has  ever  thought
         Never  Jlides  or  rides.  BE  SLIM,  NOW!
                                            I don't know how the judges score a  about  a   Muhammad   Ali-Ezzard
       I REGENCY  SQUARE,  Div.  G-9419   6311  Yucca  St.,   fight but the positive points are aggres- Charles  bout.
       I  Hollywood,  Calif.  90028
        Rush  me __ (how  many)  #2001  ZIP-SLIMS 9.99 ea.   siveness  and. effective  punching.  The   Ezzard  was  one of the  most  under-
       I Check  waist size:  8 S  (28-32•),  D  Med.  (33-36),   negatives  are  holding  and  running,  rated  champions  in  boxing  history.
       I             Lg.- (37-40),  0  XL  (41-44).
       I  D  Send  pre-paid.  ENCLOSED $-  -----  both  of which  Ali did  plenty of.   After analyzing both fighters,  I would
        □ For  COD  enclose  $3.00 deposit.
       I  Add  75¢  for  postage  &  handling.  Calif.  res.  add   If  Joe  fought  the  way  Ali  did,  it  pick  Charles the victor!  Ezzard  could
       I  5%  sales  tax_.                would have been a dull fight. However,  box and move as·well as anyone of his
       I  Print Name                      if Ali fought like Joe did, it would have  era. He proved he could also slug it out
       I  Address   ___  _________ I
       I  City ______ state ___ ..... ip_· __ •  !   been even better.  Every time Joe came  if he wanted to. Remember, he gave the
       ·-~----------------                in  punching,  Ali  would  hang  on.  great  ·Rocky  Marciano  his  toughest
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