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However, smce  the  second  bout,  beaten   by   Quarry.  That's  why  Howard Cosell (in my opinion) doesn't
        Jerry hasn't  lost a  bout and  has  des-  Foreman's  avoiding  him .  Jerry has  like the idea of blacks liking whites or
        troyed  everyone  in  his  way. Quarry is  taken  two  very ·  promising  heavy- vice versa and keeps edging it on until
        28  years  old and  Ali can't compare in  weights, Lyle and Shavers, and forced  · he  gets something going.
        punching  power to  Quarry.  So  what  them  to  take  wide  detours  on  their   Congratulations  Muhammad  Ali.
        Frazier started, Jerry will finish. Jerry  way to the title.         Everyone  knows who is  the  best man
        knows  he  has  to  win  and  with  that   Q4arry is still young, only 28, and he  between you and Joe  Frazier.
        amazing  counter-punching  will  des- · has a  lot of years ahead of him. Also,     MARY  HELSEL
                                                                                                              '  \
        troy  Ali forever.                 (Juarry  is  one  of  the  only  top             Lake City,  Mich.
          Jerry Quarry is the best heavyweight  contenders  who  has  never dodged an                      ·
        in the world.  He's the greatest!   0pponent..Jerry Quarry is the greatest!
                                            -          TERRY  WHITNEY
                  THOMAS  J.  POLACK                   Ludlow,  Mass.
                  Clinton,  Mass.
                                           CONGRATULATIONS            FOR
        ANOTHER  FOR JERRY                 MUHAMMAD
          Jerry  Quarry is  going to be champ   A  lot of people  might think  -I  don't
        before  too  long.                ·know what  I'm talking about because
          Now he is a( the height of his career.  I'm a female.  But one thing we all have
         He  can  beat  any  fighter  today.  Joe  to  agree  with  is  that  Ali  whupped
        Frazier  would  be  a  good  fight,  but it  Frazier good  and  proper this time.
        would end as a victory for Quarry. The   All  the  old  greats  like  Louis;  Mar-
        same  goes  for . Muhammad  Ali  and  ciano,  Dempsey,  Sugar  Ray  Robin-
         Ken  Norton. Ali was never a  big pun-  son,  Baer,  Walcott  and  Schmeling
        cher, now he has even less' of a punch.  would   never  stand   up  to  the
         Ken  Norton  is  a  hard  hitter,  but  heavyweights of today.'
        against  the  counter-punching Quarry   - Ali, with his fast moves, quick pun-
        he would  have  no chance.         ches,  and  new tactics,  in  my  opinion

                                                                            ALI  THE  VICTOR  (A POEM)
                                                                              He  came  out  dancing  on  his  toes:
                                                                            just like  he  said  he  would  be.
                                                                              And  Joe  Frazier  getting  hit  by  all
                                                                            Ali's blqws was thinking "This couldn't
                                                                            be  happening to  me."
                                                                            ·  But  Muhammad  kept  ,throwing
                                                                            those jabs, for he  knew, Joe  he  could
                                                                              Frazier  came · out  smokin', ·but  Ali
                                                                            snuffed  out  his  smokin'  like  a  mat-
                                                                            chstick.  ·
                                                                              J'oe was hit so many times he
                                                                            thought he  was  in  a  storm ,of hail.
                                                                              I'm  surprised  Ali  wasn't  charged
                                                                            with  · manslaughter  and  thrown  into
                                                                              Frazier  became  desperate  and
                                                                            started  to  swing wild.
                                                                              But  Ali  danced  safely  away,  while
           Gil Clancy laces Jerry Quarry's gloves during a training session.   Angelo  Du nd ee juS smiled.
           Most fans  believe Clancy has turned Jerry into a new man and quit~   Frazier needed a  knockout in order
           a few  feel Muhammad Ali is avoiding .a third confrontation with him.   to  win,
          As Quarry p~oved  in  his ·past fights  would score a knockout of any of these   However, Al_i had  is bout, to lose it
        this  year,  he's a  helluva fighter with a·  greats  within  three  rounds.  And  would  be  a  sin.
         ·                                 F          ·   1   ·               If  you're  up  on  even_ts,
        big  punch.  Under the guidance of Gil   . oreman  with  al  his  power - al-
        Clancy,  and  with  all  of  his  personal  though  I  don't  consider  him  fast -  Muhammad  Ali  is   th e  lateSL   ,
        troubles gone, Quarry has turned from  i if  he  ever  connected  with  any  of the ·   A nd   if  ,you  know  your  boxing
                                                                            Muhammad  Ali  was  ~ and  still
        a good fighter to the great fighter he is  old  greqts,  they'd  never  make  the
        now.  He  }Jas  always  had  the  skills  next  bell.               is --  th ~ greateS !
        needed to become champion, and now,   1  don't · think  Ali  is  prejudiced       ACE  CACCH IOTTI
                                            1                                                 st0
        with  Clancy, he's  using those skills.   against  whites - I'm  white - and  I   Cran   n,  R.I.
          George  Foreman  would  also  be  think  he  likes  all  people  the  same.   ·(Continued ,on  page 45)
                                                                                                   1     ·1s
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