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SOUND OFF!                   SIZE ISN'T IMPORTANT               danced  rings  around  the  over-rated
           (Continued  from  Page 4 ?J ·    Billy  the  Smith  must  rate  as  being  Jeffries  for  20  rounds  before  being
                                          the top man for having the most totally   knocked  out  in  the  23rd  round.  In  a
        and it also broke Willard's right cheek- crass  letter  ever  printed  in  your  modern  ring,  that  marvel  of a  man
        bone  into  13  fragments !!      magazine.                          Corbett would have won a unanimous
          This  opinion  was  not  made  over-  He  asserts that the heavier and tall-  15-round decision without working up
        night.  Rather,  it  took  hours  upon . er  the  fighte r,  th~  more  likely  he  is  , a  sweat.
       · hours of slow and still motion_study of  to defeat his opponents. the   Billy  the  Smith  rates  Max  Baer as
        many  great  punches on my_ film_s ~nd  heavyweight division  proves quite the   being  a  "serious  little · heavyweight."
        much reading to conclude this opm10n.  contrary.                     Even a  novice boxing fan  knows  Max
                                            Let's  go  back to June 9,  1899.  Bob  was not serious nor was he little. Baer
                  MICHAEL HUNNICUT        Fitzsimmons,  5-1 1 ¾  and  weighing  was  called  ••the  Merry  Madcap" and
                  Harrison,  N. Y.        onty  170  pounds, gave J im Jeffries, 6-  the  ••ctown  Prince  of  Boxing"  by
                                          2½ and  225  pounds; a terrific beating  sportswriters. Baer was always a clown
        DEMPSEY THE GREATEST              before  succumbing  to  the  "boiler-  and  never learned how to box because
          I am  18  years old and  have studied   maker"  in  the  11th  round .  Fitz,  who  he  didn't  give  a  damn.  He  posse·ssed
        boxing  for  a  long  time.  The  greatest   was  37  yea rs  old,  would  most  liktly  probably the hardest right hand ofany
        heavyweight  fighter  in  my  opinion  is   have  outpointed Jeffries  in  15  rourtds  fighter  and  strictly  relied  on it to  put
        Jack  Dempsey.                    (modern rules) if he had been younger.   his  opponents  into dreamland, where
          He was a gentleman outside the ring,
                                            Canada's  Tommy  Burns,  smallest  50 of his 79 opponents went. So much
        but in  the  ring pe  was a  killer.  He had
                                          man  in  history  to  win  the  cham-  for  Baer being serious.   ·
        the  greatest  left  hook of a ll  time.
                                          pionship, performed that feat in  1906.   Max  Baer  little??  Hah!  The  man
          Some boxing experts would  look at   Standing but 5-7, our Tommy gave 5-  stood  6-2 ½  and  weighed  a  solid  215
        Dempsey's films and say he could have   11 ¼  Marvin  Hart a  20-round  boxing  pounds, bigger than Sonny Liston and
        been  out-boxed.  I disagree strongly.                              Joe  Frazier (two men  Billy  the  Smith
          It  is  true  Dempsey  would  leave                                calls  GI ANTS!  and  I  believe  Max
        openings  in  his defense,  but it worked
                                                                             could  have  knocked  out  Frazier if he
        for  his  advantage.·  When  bigger                                 caught him with  his  right.
        figh ters would hit  Dempsey,  he would
                                                                              Baer  won  the  title  by ·defeating an
        throw  a  harder  punch  back.  In  other
                                                                            even  larger man than himself- 6-5¾,
        words,  Dempsey  wanted  to exchange                                267-pound  Primo Canera! He sent the
        punches with other. fighters. Dempsey                              • game colossus toppling  11  times in  11
        .could  never  have  been  outslugged.                              rounds,  Max  winning  via  a  technical
        Jack  was  a  ferocious  puncher and  he                            knockout.                     -
        had  the  courage of a  mounta in  lion.                              Rating  Dempsey,  Louis,  Charles,
          It  is true that .clever boxers did give                          Tunney, and  Baer as being little is ab-
        him trouble. But did Dempsey ever get                               surd. It's true that weight and height do
        out-boxed  in  his  prime?  No!                                     influence a  match but it's the ability of
          Only one man ever went the distance
                                                                            the  .fighter  himself  that  determines  a
        with  Dempsey  and  that  was  Tommy
        Gibbo.ns.  Dempsey won by a decision.
                                                                              Corbert,  Fitzsimmons,  Burns,,
        So this  proves  that Jack  wasn't  likely
                                                                             Dempsey,  Tunney,  Sharkey,  Schmel-
        to  be  out-boxed  by  anybody.  In  my
                                                                           - ing,  Braddock,  Charles,  Walcott  and
        b_ook.  Dempsey is  the greatest  of all.                            Patterson  were  not  heavy men.  How-
                      AL  ROOK S                                            ever,  with  the. exception of Burns and
                      New  Castle,  Pa.                                      Fitz,  they  all  stood  six  feet  or  over.
                                                                             They  all  possessed  very  good  ring
                                           Men like T-ommy Burns (above) and  generalship and  boxing ability except
                                          Jack Dempsey (left)  tend  to  dis-  Dempsey.  He  relied on his two-fisted,
                                          prove the argument that bigger     whirlwind  attack  to  overwhelm  his
                                           fighters  are the better fighters.   opponent.
                                           Burns was a per{ ect example of  .   To ca ll them sma ll and overmatched
                                           this. At 5-7, he almost always   against  215  pounders  is  a  mistaken
                                           was up against much bigger fo~s.
                                                                            assertion  because all of them defeated
                                           lesson.  A  year  earlier,  Hart  had
                                                                            bigger  men  in  their  careers. They  all
                                           defeated  Jack  Johnson, a  feat  almost   had courage. None of them quit by sit-
                                           forgotten  today  by  boxing experts.   ting on a  stool as  Liston did.
                                             Jess Willard, 6-6¼ and 250 pounds,   I disagree wholehe_artedly against a
                                           was  lambasted  by  Jack  Dempsey, 6-1
                                                                            super-heavyweight  division  because
                                           and  only  187¼  pounds, and  the giant
                                                                            there  have  been  too  many  so-called
                                           had  to  retire  after the  third  round fo r
                                                                            sma ll  men  who  have t ri'umphed  over
                                           fear of being  beaten  to death.   big  men.
                                             Going back to May 11,  1900, boxing·
                                           master  James  J .  Corbett  only  184   PAUL  MEDLEY
                                           pounds  and  34  years  old,  literally   Cambridge, Ontario, Canada  □
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