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SOUND OFF! ·                  For 29  victories without a defeat. ,
          (Continued from Page  15)     - The Armed Fo.rces said it was break-
                                       .  ing the  law,
                                          To not serve your country in time of
     ·WIN, ·  LOSE,  OR  DRAW  (A.N-    a  war,
      OTHER. POEM)                        · So  yo·u  were  stripped  of your title;
       'Though the legs and the hands aren't  couldn't fight '.anymore.
      as fast  as before,                 But fans still called you the greatest,
        And  young  Kenny  Norton  had.  win,  lose,  or draw.
     , b.roken  your jaw,         ,       Patterson,  Liston,  Moore,  and
     ·  You  came  back  and  whupped  Joe  ·Terrell
      Fr..azier  to even the score,       The  round  that  you  called  was  the
        Now  you'~e  the-greatest,  w_iri,  lose,  round  that they fell.
      or draw.                            l t's   amazing   how   often   you
        When ·you  went  up ·against  Liston,  predicted so  well
      you  probably knew                  And  managed ' to  match  wits  with
     ··, · The · odds  were  against  you,  fight  Howard· Cosell.
      fans  were too.   /                 Thought  the  and  the  hands
        But  you  took  control  and  really  aren't as fast  as  before·   .
      came through                        And  young  Kenny  N~rton  had ·
        With  your face  still  unmarked  and  broken your jaw. ·          Fin'ish High School at Home .I
      prediction come true.               You  came  back  and  whupped    Now you  don't have  to go back to school! I
        Fight fans just couldn't believe.what  Frazier to even  the score. ·   Instead school comes to you.  ·   .   •  I
     . they saw·,  ·        ·            ,  Now you are the greatest, win, lose,   Here's  a  convenient,  pleasant, modern I
                                                                           way  for. anyone  ovet  1 7  to  finish  high
      .  'Cause  Liston  had  flattened , some  or draw.                   school  at  home - with  just a  few  hours  a I
      "big mouths" before,      ,                   JIM  SHEEHAN           week of spare-time study.      I
        But after round six, he couldn't take        Harrison,  N. Y:      ·       Earn a  Diploma    ,
                                                                                                        ;  I
                                                                                  in Your Spare Time
      anymore.     .                    ALI  THE' IMMORTAL                 This practical program is offered to you by I
        He  knew  you  were  greatest,  win,   I  agree  Muhammad  Ali  should  be   Wayne  School.  It  was  planned  especially I
      lose,  or draw.                   rated as one of the best heavyweights in   for  working men and  women  who  need a
        Now  fight  fans  would  come  to  see  world  boxing history.     high school diploma to get ahead and can't'I
      you  get  beat,                     The  reason  I  say  he  is  one  of the   take  time  out  to  go  back  to  classroom I
                                                                           study.           ·             ·
        Spend hundreds of dollars to pay for  greatest  is. the  fact  that  he's  got  such   It offers all  these  advantages :   · I
      a  seat,                          beautiful footwork and terrifically fast   • Full credit for previous schoolin'g   ·. I
      ;_·.  All  'you  h<;1d  to  do  was  jab  and  hands.  A  lot of people said  Ali would   • Easy-to-read lessons   I
      retre,at-,                                 (Continued on page 46)    • Qualified teachers           I
                                                                           • Friendly help
                                                                           • True-false  multiple-choice tests   I
                                                                             A  high  schoo l  dip_loma  means  a  lot I
                                                                           today. It can be your key to :   I
                                                                           • A better job, higher pay      I
                                                                           • Greater social opportunities
                                                                           • More security-for you, your family  I
                                                                             Both Booklets FREE!  . I
                                                                                             If  you're  over  17, I
                                                                                             clip coupon below
                                                                                             for Wayne's book- I
                                                                                             let  on  how  to fin-
                                                                                             ish  high  school  at I
                                                                                             home,  plus  Gov- I
                                                                                             ernment  booklet
                                                                            E                with advice for I
                                                                                             dropouts.  There's
                                                                                             no obligation.,
                                                                                             Mail  today.
                                                                             WAYNE  SCHOOL A  leader in home study
                                                                           I   417 s·. Dearborn Street, Dept. 54-047  I
                                                                           I     -  Chicago, Illinois 60605   I
                                                                             Please  rush  FREE booklet  on how to fin- I
                                                                           1  ish  high school at home,  also free  Govern- I
                                                                           1  ment  booklet.  No cost,  no  obligation.
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        Muhammad Ali's victory over Joe Frazier has caused 1so,me fans  to wax
        poetic.  We're no judges of poetry,  but we're printing two of the   I  City . ... . . .   . . .. . . .. .... ··· · : ·  I
        many we received.  Others couldn't be printed because of space.    I  State . . ... . ..... .. . . .. . . . .. .. . . .. Zip .... .
                                                                           I~'+~ - - - - - - - - - - - _ ._  J
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