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Coming out of an enforced layoff,   of  his  career  by  losing to · Quarry.  his  strength and  undermined  his  con-
      Muhammad Ali staggers Jerry Quarry    Ali  went  so  far  as  promising  to  fidence.  He  is  his  own  man  and
      (above) with a right hand during    sign  for another fight against Quarry.  ready  for  the  top.  Jerry  Quarry  has
      their Atlanta fight.  Quarry runs   Then  he  backed  out at the last mom- matured.
      into an uppercut (below)  in their   'ent.  Ali  is  an  intelligent  man.  He   In  Quarry's  first  fight against  Ali,
      second bout in Las Vegas, Nevada.   knew what he  was doing.          the  first  bout  Ali  had  after  coming
      But Quarry hadn't yet reached his
      prime in those fights.  Ali had.      Ali is professional enough to recog- · out   of   his   forced   retirement,
                                          nize  that  his  gifts  are  slipping  away  Muhammad  won  when  Quarry  suf-
                                          from  him.  And  he  also  recognizes  fered  an  ugly  gash above  his  right
                                          that  the  improvement  in  Jerry  eye  in  the  fifth  round.  The  second
                                          Quarry makes him a  much more dan- fight  drove  Quarry  into  his  second
                                          gerous  .fighter  than  the  man  he  retirement.
                                          successfully  defeated  twice  before.   Quarry  claims  he  lost  the  second
                                            Jerry Quarry always  had the physi- Ali  fight when  his  brother,  Mike,
                                          cal  equipment  to  become  the  heavy- lost  his  light  heavyweight  title  bid
                                          weight champion. However, emotion- against Bob  Foster in the preliminary
                                          al  strains  and  family  troubles  made  bout.  He saw his brother get plastered
                                          it  impossible  for  him  to  devote  his  by  a  devastating  left  hook  of  Fos-
                                          concentration  solely  to  his  career.  ter's  and  listened  while  the  referee
                                          Without  singleminded  determination  counted  to  IO  over  Mike's  un-
                                          no  man  can  become  the  best  in  any  conscious body.
                                          field.                              "'I  lost  my. desire  when  Mike  lost
                                            The  reasons  Quarry  now  pos- his  fight,"  Q,uarry  said  at  the  time.
                                          sesses  the  mental  stability  to  become . "Watching  my  brother  lose  like  he
                                          champion  have  been  well  docu- did was  seeing  him  go  thro.ugh  the
                                          mented  -  his  new  wife,  who  gjves  same  frustrations  I'd  gone  through."
                                          him  encouragement  without  strings   Today,  Quarry  no  longer confuses
                                          attached,  and  his  new  manager,  Gil  the  fate  of  the  Quarry  family  with
                                          Clancy.  Quarry  has  shaken  off  the  his  heavyweight  boxing  career.  He
                                          well-meaning  parasites  that  sapped  wants  the  championship  and  the  fin-
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