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,fight ever. ~oth men were rocking each   They  should  never  have  a  fight  in   SLIM  INCHES  AWAY  IN
       other at the final  bell.         which  the  referee  is  the  only  one  to   THE  AMAZING  NEW
         Ali  was  ·never  up  against  an  op- decide  which  fighter is  the winner, as
       ponent with these weapons.  He would  they do  in  some foreign  countries.·   BODY TAPER-TRIM  SHIRT
       have trouble landing his left more than   I  believe  the  referee  should  be  in   Puts power in your  sex
                                                                             appeal  as it reshapes you  to
       once or twice in a  row.  How would he  good  physical  condition  so  he  can   , more  manly  "tapered"
       react to a  skillful fighter like Charles?  move around and see that fighters are   •  SMOOTHES  TORSO
         I  think  Ezzard  would  have  forced  fighting clean and fair.     •  ,BU I LDS  CHEST
                                                                             •  STRAIGHTENS  BACK
       Ali  into  slugging  it  out.  In  this  way   Judges  have  nothing  to  do  but sit   •  SLIMS ABDOMEN
                                                                              •  CINCHES  WAIST
       Ezzard would be in a great position to  and  Watch the fighters and study each   •  FLATTENS  BULGES
                                                                              Extra-light,  extra-comfortable
       knock out Ali.                    one  for  every  round.  They  can  see   long line undershirt puts
                                                                              power net LYCRA SPANDEX
                 ALLEN J.  UPSET         which fighter is the best in each round.   & NYLON  to  work  providing
                   Brooklyn,  N. Y.                                          firm,  smooth  control from
                                                                             chest to lower abdomen.
                                                     ELMER CHRISTMAN          Smoofhes out bulges and
      . DISGUSTED WITH  GEORGE                       Seattle,  Wash.         trims you  with  unprecedented
                                                                              built-in slimming-power.  Worr
         George Foreman has no right to· do                                   as  an  undershirt, it works
                                                                              to  keep you  in shape.
       what he is doing. I thought the boxing   DEMPSEY'S PUNCH  WAS TOPS    Completely machine
                                                                             washable.  White only.
      commission  ruled  that a  heavyweight   I have been an avid boxing fan for IO   INSTANT-LY  HOLDS  $7t1
      champ  had  to  challenge  the  top   of  my  19  years,  during  which  till)e  I
      contenders. Where is that rule prevail-  have collected a large fight film collec-
       ing now?-                         tion  of  over  I 00  of  the  greatest   -~·-~/
         How is  it George got away with hit-  heavyweight fights.                                ,.,.,
       ting  Roman  when  Joe  was  going
                                           In your  March  issue,  I was amazed  tto)~  MONEY  BACK  GUARANTEE
      down?  What is  happening to  boxing?                                   FROM     TO    Purchase  Price  Refundable
       Has  everybody  gone  berserk?  Fifty                                 THIS...   THIS...   ii not  JOO¾  Satisfied.
       years ago the public would  never had                                R.  S.  SALES,  Dept.  9419
       stood for this.                                                      6311  Yucca St.,  Hollywood,  Calif. 90028
                                                                             My  chest  is  __ inches.  (Exhale  & measure  chest.)
         I  don't  think  Foreman's  a  good                                 SIZES:  0  S  (34-36),  D  Med.  (38-40),  0  Lg.  (42-44),
                                                                             0  XL  (46-48),  0  2X  (50-52)  Add  50c  per  order  post-
       fighter.  Actually,  I  think  he's a  lousy                         age  &  handling.  Total  ~nclosed  $  ___ Cal!f.
       fighter. Joe Frazier could kill him and                               residents  add  5%  tax.  For  COO  enclqse  $2.00  deposit.
       will.  George is  a wild man.  He has no                             Name ---------'------
                                                                            Address  ___________ _
       right  to  deny  Jerry'  Quarry  a  fight.                           City_ -  ---- State · ___ Zip  --
       Quarry  would  knock  him  on his "A"
      and  everyone  knows  it,  including
         I,  like  many  others,  hope  you  will
       make a  thing out of Foreman and ex-
       pose his cowardice and make him fight
       the top contenders. If he does not want
       to,  tough.  It's his job.
         People  will  listen, if  this  magazine
       prints the story because you and a few
                                                                                             KUNG  FU  plus
       others  are  one  of  the  few  boxing                                           20  best  KARATE  Blows  and  Chops
                                                                                        SAVATE  French  foot  fight,ng
       magazines that make sense.                                                       Nerve  center  anatomy  chart
                                                                                        JUDO  throws ,  J,u  J,tsu  holds
                   ALEX  KIPPER                                                         Isometric  muscle  bu:lding  course
                                                                                           Enaurance  EJ<ercises
                   Montreal, Canada
      THREE JUDGES PER  FIGHT                                                              Kung  Fu  Practice
                                                                                         and  Nerve  Center  Chart
         I believe there should be three judges
       to  score  a  fight.  The  referee  has  his                                 ~ UNBEATABLE      Only
       hands  full  watching  the  fighters  for   There is no "rule" that George   ~ SELF  DEFENSE  s125
       breaking  the  rules,  such  as  throwing   Foreman or any other division   '-  ......__  MADE  EASY  .
       low blows, butting, and swinging after   champion has to  fight the "top"      ""
       the  bell.               '          contenders in his division.       KARATdu
         A  referee  is  supposed  to  keep  his  to  see  tliat a  reader, Carl Weingarten,
       eyes on the fighters all the time, seeing  felt  that a  left  hook to the head of Jess   JUDO,  BOXING,  SAVATE,
       that  they  are  fighting  fair  and  doing  Willard by Jack Dempsey in round one   Isometric Muscle Building,~.·
       such  things  as  breaking  up  clinches.  was the hardest punch in history. What   d
       They  must  also  know and, keep  their  was  amazing  is  that  in  all  the  fights,   Eo uraF~~1~'.11 ~~~~e~S,st~p~~v·•step  ;   .
       eyes on any fighter who is being cut_up,  punches, and punchers I have on film, I   ·   instr11r.tion~   ·
                                                                               GUARANTEED  10  Dav  Trial
       to see when to stop-the fight on a cut, or  felt that that exact punch, which led to   Money Back if you  are  not  amaLed  at  your
       when a fighter is  being knocked down  Willard's  first  knockdown  of  his   new mighty power  .  ACT NOW.
       and  beaten  up  to  a  point  of  being  career.  was  the  hardest  punch  in  his-  .  $1. 2 5 plus  3 5 c  sh1pp1 n11  cnarge.
                                                                              Honor  House  Prod.  Corp  Dept. 533KF28
       disabled.  A  referee  is  too  busy  to  tory. It was a really unbeliev1able punch   Lynbrook,  New  York   11563
       decide which round each fighter wins.     (Continued on page 48)           NY  SL1te  ,e;,den ts .1dd  stat e and  loc,1,  sa,;es tlx
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