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             WORLD. BOXING and INTERNATIONAL BOXING welcome letters
             from fans, fighters or anyone else who'd care to comment on any of
             our articles, columns or letters.  Send your letter to:  "Sound Off,
             G.C. London Publishing Co., Box 58, Rockville Centre,N.Y. 11571

        An open letter    TO THE GOOD  has fallen  as per prediction.
        people  OF THE U.S.                 Here is the only guy who won a gold
                                          medal  for  the  U.S.  and  later  spoke
          It is high time you fellas realized this  beautifully about the land of his birth
        OIL  CRISIS  is causing the  world  a  to  the  Russian  journalists  but  then
        whole lotta  havoc and send  the great  refused  to  be  drafted into the  U.S.
        M uhammad Ali  to meet the shieks in  Army because he knew it was wrong to
        the  Middle  East  in  an  attempt to  let  use  human beings for  target practice.
        there  be  light once  mote.        Here  is  the most popular guy since
          Yeah, ALI is the man. All the bla-bla  Jesus Christ.
       .about Kissinger, etc., will just worsen   Here  is  the onliest American living
        the  issue Why  you  people  have  not  who  could come down at ANY  AIR-
        thought about this beats me. '  ·   PORT in the Middle East without the
          Here  is  the  one  and only  guy  who  Black  September  people  planning  to
        predicted  man  things  and  has done  give  him the TWENTY-ONE BOMB
        them all. Here  is  the· only living soul  salute.  ·
        who  could  keep  presidents,  shieks,  In short, here is  the  only guy living
        university deans, film actors, in fact the  on God's green Earth whom the Shieks
        entire world awake by just deciding to  will  listen  to  and  ·nod  in  agreement
        spend  45  minutes  or  less at Madison_  ·without any comeback stuff.
        Square Garden with somebody. Th'ose   Long live MUHAMMAD ALI, the
        in . the  cities  stay  awake  by  drinking  greatest guy who ever lived. There has  .Readers ofWORLD and INTt
        beer  in  the  pubs  while  those  in  the  never ·been anyone like you and there  boxing  continue to  write letters
        remotest  villages  light  bonfires  and  never will.               in support of Rubin "Hurricane"
        drink palmwine till the announcement          CAESAR OWUBA          Carter, who's hoping for  a new trial.
        comes over the transistor that the bum        Monrovia,  Liberia    AIDING RUBIN  CARTER
           Muhammad Ali is surrounded by fans  wherever he goes in this world.   I am a stone soul brother and I enjoy
           One reader from Liberia says the U.S.  should get smart and let Ali   reading your articles in the magazines
           go overseas and talk to the sheiks to solve the U.S.  oilproblem.   about ·Rubin Carter.
                                                                              I would do anything possible to help
                                                                            Rubin  Carter.  If writing to Governor
                                                                            Byrne  of  New  Jersey  woul~  help,
                                                                            everyone should write.  Everyone now
                                                                            and  then gets a  raw deal.
                                                                              So to  his  wife  and daughter-keep
                                                                            praying and  keep  your head  high . .
                                                                                        EARL WOODS
                                                                                        Huntsville, Texas

                                                                              PREDICTS  NEW  ENDING
                                                                              · When Ali gets in the: ring with Jerry
                                                                            Quarry the third time, it'll all l5e  over,
                                                                             Ali!  Jerry  will  TKO, or kayo  Ali  this
                                                                              Quarry  was  winning  the first  bout.
                                                                             And  if he didn't get  that freak  ~ut  he
                                                                             would  have knocked Ali out in the fif-
                                                                             th. -Jerry lost the second bout because
                                                                             of his  brother  being  knocked  out  by
                                                                             Bob  Foster. Jerry never tried  to  fight '
                                                                            and  Ali  knew  it.  .

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