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Today's  Jerry  Quarry  is  not  the  same · man
             who  twice  lost  to  Muhammad  Ali.  Today's
             Muha.mmad  Ali  is  not  the  same  man  who

             twice whipped Quarry                                                                             \

                                                                             'However,  a  body  pushed  beyond
        J  ERRY  QUARRY  CAN  beat                                          its  oapabilities  can  function  for  only
           Muhammad .Ali.
          Two  years  ago the above statement                               a  short  time  before  deteriorating.  ln
        would  be  included  with  observations                             his  last  fights,  Ali  became  a  vague
        such  as  "King  Kong  is  alive  and                               recollection  .  of   the   magnificent
        well,"  and  "Bob  Hope  is  the  leader                            boxer  who  won  the  heavyweight
        of SOS."                                                            championship  and  did  more  for  the
          But  a  lot changes  happen  in, two                              sport of professional boxing than any
        years.                                                              man  in  history.  His  legs  lost  their
          The  first  person  to  change  was                               spring  after  a  couple  of  rounds.
        Muhammad  Ali.  His comeback from                                   Only  occasional  brilliant  flashes  are
        his  enforced  layoff  was  one  of  the                            left.  Muhammad  Ali  is  now  only  a
        most  remarkable  feats  in  sports                                 pretty  good  imitation  of  the  fighter
        history.  To get his  tired, out-of-shape                           he  used  to  be.
        body  back  into . some  semblance  of                                Meanwhile,  Jerry  Quarry  is  im-
       . condition was a  task that is  testimony                           proving  by  leaps  and  bounds.  Since
        to  the  man's  determination  and                                  ending   his   second   retirement,
        courage.  However, any athlete can tell                             Quarry  has  changed his  status  from
        you  that  an  _ extended  period  of  in-                          perrenial  opponent  to  the boxer  to
        action  permanently  damages  the                                   be  feared. The  reasons  for  avoiding
        muscles  and  coordination. _They  can                              Quarry are  many. the reasons to fight
        never  return  to  what  they  once  were                           Quarry are  few.
        during their prime.                                                   At  this  point,  if  Ali  fought  Quarry
          Muhammad's  performance's  upon                                   he  would  stand  to  lose  much  more
        his  return  showed  what  a  great  Jerry Quarry and Muhammad Ali   than he  would  gain.  If  he  lost  to
        athlete  the  man  is.  A  Muhammad  .have at each other along the ropes  in  Quarry,  which  is  a  good  possibility,
        Ali  with  his  gifts  diminished  was   their first fight in Atlanta - one  a  big  money  fight  against  George
        greater  and  more  exciting  than  most   which Quarry could've won had he   Foreman  would  be  out  of the  ques-
                                          not suffered an 11-stitch cut.
        of  the  heavyweights  currently  fight-                            tion.  Ali  doesn't  want. to  jeopardize
        ing.                                                                what  promises to  be  the  largest  purse
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