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                    The  entire  area  comprising  William  S.                Hart  Park      initially

            became  the  property  of  the  King  of  Spain  upon  the  occupation  of

            California        by   Gaspar  de  Portala in  1769.              The  property  became

            Mexican       territory  in  1822,          when  Mexico  became         independent  of

            Spain  and  occupied  California.           1

                  On  22  January  1839,         a  tract  of  some  48,611  acres,           including

            the  future  Hart  property,              was  granted  to  Antonio  Del  Valle  as

            part  of  the  Rancho  San  Francisco.             After  the  American  acquisition

            of    California  as  a  result  of  the  Treaty  of  Guadalupe  Hidalgo  in

            1848,  the  Del  Valle  title  to  the  ranch  was  confirmed  in  1851.

                    The  future Hart  property  was  acquired  by  Henry  M.  Newhall  in

            1875,     and     in    1883,     his  heirs  granted  their  holdings  to  the

            Newhal l  Land  and  Farming  Company,  which  owned  most  of  the  land  in

            the  area  until  various  parcels  were  sold  to  individuals  after


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