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1.   Hart's  Initial  Purchase  in  Newhall

                     When    William  S.        Hart first  came  to  Newhall            in    1918,     he

              leased  property  from  George  Babcock  Smith  which  became  the  core

             of  the  Horseshoe  Ranch.            In  1921  he  decided  to  buy  the  property,

             and  in  that  year  he  began        purchasing      lots  that  included  the  Smith

             ranch  and  Anderson  home  <see  map  1).

                     In   February  1921,         Hart  purchased  lots  19  and  20  of            Tract

              1059  from  George  Babcock  Smith.              These  lots  were the  site  of  the

             Ranchhouse        and   "log  cabin"      (now  the  Gift  Shop),        and  the  future

             sites  of       the  barn       and  related  buildings  and             the  retirement

             residence  complex            (located  at  the  southern  extremity)               of    the

             later  1920s.         At  the  same  time  Hart  also  acquired  the  easterly

             portions       of  lots  17  and  18  (about       half  of    each lot)     from     Smith.

             There  were  no  improvements  on  these  lots.                 The  westerly  portions

             were  owned  by  Mrs.          Armantha  E.       Thibaudeau,       who  also  owned  the

             southern  section  of  the  lot  at  the  southeast  corner                    of   Newhall

             Avenue      and  Market  Street,         which    abutted    the westerly       section     of

             l ots  17  and  18.   2

                     In   July,     Hart     made     two  additional  purchases  of  property

             adjacent  to  the  Smith  lots.             He  bought  a  5  acre  plot  on  the  west

             side  (a  portion  of  Lot  \25,  St.           John  Sub.) f rom  Chloe         Anderson.

             The    property  formerly           belonged  to  James  M.           Gulley     and  later

             to  Joseph  H.      Anderson.        It  included  a  frame  residence  which  Hart

             used  as  a  "Guest  Cottage,"              a  windmill  (not  the  existing  one>,

             and  a  barn.      The  house  was  iater  moved  <possibly  to             a  location    on

             Market  Street),  the  windmill  removed,  and  the  barn  demolished.                    3

                    Also  on       July  8,      Hart  purchased  a  90'  x         225'lot  at  the

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