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and  consumated  the  sale  in  November.                The  property ,       the  site  of

            the old Nayl or  residence,  surrounded the  forest                   ranger  property.      8

                    After     Hart  completed         the     buildings  for         his  retirement

            residence,        he   continued       to  acquire     property       adjacent      to  his

            Horseshoe       Ranch  as  it  became  available.              In  the  early  1930s  he

            purchased  three  parcels,             the  last    additions ,to  the  ranch  during

            his  lifetime.           The  smallest  of  these filled  a  gap along                the

            western  edge  of  the ranch.             The  other  two  consisted  of  six            lats

            fronting       along  the    Southern     Pacific     Railroad tracks on  the  east

            side  and  bordering  his  own  property  on  the  west  (see  map  3).

                    The    first  of these  three          transactions was        the purchase  of

            the  western portion  of  Lot  15  of  Tract  1059  on 23  June                 1932.     The

            lot,     surrounded  on         three  sides  by  Hart's  property,                formerly

            belonged ·  to  Al AlphonsoG. .  Cooper           and  had   a    moderate      amount      of
            improvements  at  the  time  (probably  a  house).

                    Another      1930s  purchase,        possibly      in  late 1933,       was  Hart's

            acquisition  of         Lots   25,    26,  and     125  of  Tract  1059.        These  lots

            were     located  on  the  east  side  of  the  ranch  along                the  Southern

            Pacific  Railroad        right of     way  and south      of  the    property     of · Thomas

            Frew,  Hart's  neighbor  on  the  northeast.                Formerly  the  property  of

            William       J.   Purrucker  and  his  aricestors  since  the  turn  of                 the

            century,       the    property     had   oi;1ly  minor  improvements,          possibly  a
            cabin  or  small  barn.

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