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Affidavit of Acceptance Instructions

       STEP 1:     NOTARIZE  AFFIDAVIT:  In  the  presence  of  a  Notary  Public,  sign  the  Affidavit  of  Acceptance  form.
                   Complete and sign both applicant and owner sections, even if the applicant is the same as the owner.

       STEP 2:     COUNTY REGISTRAR-RECORDER: Visit the Registrar-Recorder's office at 12400 East Imperial Highway,
                   Norwalk, CA 90650 (the following branch offices can also assist you:  LAX Courthouse,  Lancaster District
                   Office,   Van   Nuys   District   Office.   For  more   information   call   (562)   462-2125   or  visit
           Recording.cfm) to complete the following tasks:

                   a)  Record Affidavit of Acceptance Form and Conditions of Approval: Submit the original Affidavit of
                       Acceptance  form  (wet  signature)  and  Conditions  of Approval  to  the  County  Registrar-Recorder for
                       recording.  If your  project  has  an  associated  Mitigation  Monitoring  Reporting  Program  (MMRP),  this
                       document should be recorded as well. Request one certified copy of the recorded Affidavit, Conditions
                       of Approval, and  MMRP (if applicable) to submit to the Department of Regional Planning.
       STEP 3:     REGIONAL PLANNING:  Schedule an  appointment with the case planner to submit the following  items in

                   a)  One  certified  copy  of the  recorded  Affidavit  of Acceptance,  Conditions  of Approval,  and  MMRP  if
                      applicable.  The certified  copy will  have an  official  document number and  a purple  recordation  stamp
                      from the Registrar-Recorder.

                   b)  Three full-sized  copies of the final site plans,  or as otherwise requested by the planner.  Plans must be
                      folded to fit into an  8 ½" x 14" folder. At your final  appointment, you will receive a copy of the approved
                      site plan, and approved plans will be routed to the Department of Public Works, Building and Safety, as

                                                                                      (F&G Fees effective as of Jan.  1,  2014) CC.03/3/15
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