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PROJECT NO. 04-075-(5)                                      CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL
                     AMENDMENT TO VESTING TENTATIVE                                                PAGE 2 OF 4
                     TRACT MAP NO. 060922 AND HIGHWAY
                     REALIGNMENT RPPL2016004512

                         expenses involved in  Regional  Planning's cooperation in the defense, including but
                         not limited to, depositions, testimony, and other assistance provided to permittee or
                         permittee's counsel.

                         If during the litigation process,  actual costs or expenses incurred  reach  80  percent
                         of the amount on  deposit,  the  permittee  shall  deposit additional funds  sufficient to
                         bring the balance up to the amount of $5,000.00.  There is no limit to the number of
                         supplemental deposits that may be required prior to completion of the litigation.

                         At the sole discretion of the permittee, the amount of an  initial or any supplemental
                         deposit may exceed the minimum amounts defined herein.  Additionally, the cost for
                         collection and  duplication of records and  other related  documents shall  be  paid  by
                         the permittee according to County Code Section 2.170.010.

                    6.   If any material provision of this grant is  held or declared to  be  invalid  by a court of
                         competent jurisdiction, the permit shall be void and the privileges granted hereunder
                         shall lapse.

                    7.   Prior to the use of this grant, the  permittee,  or the owner of the subject property if
                         other than the permittee, shall record the terms and conditions of the grant in the
                         office of the County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (Recorder).  In addition, upon
                         any transfer or lease of the property during the term of this grant, the permittee, or
                         the owner of the subject property if other than the permittee, shall promptly provide
                         a  copy  of the  grant  and  its  conditions  to  the  transferee  or  lessee  of the  subject

                    8.  Approval of this amendment map does not change the December 7, 2017 expiration
                        date of Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. 060922.

                    9.  Prior to the issuance of any building permit(s), the permittee shall remit all applicable
                        library facilities mitigation fees to the County Librarian,  pursuant to Chapter 22.72 of
                        the County Code. The permittee shall  pay the fees  in  effect at the time of payment,
                        pursuant to  Section 22.72.030. Questions regarding fee  payment can  be  directed to
                        the County Librarian at (562) 940-8430. The permittee shall provide proof of payment
                        upon request from  Regional Planning.

                    1 O.  Notice is hereby given that any person violating a provision of this grant is guilty of
                          a  misdemeanor.     Notice  is  further  given  that  the  Hearing  Officer  may,  after
                          conducting a public meeting, revoke or modify this grant, if the Hearing Officer finds
                         that these conditions have been violated or that this grant has been exercised so as
                          to  be  detrimental to the  public's  health  or safety or so  as to  be  a nuisance,  or as
                          otherwise authorized pursuant to Chapter 22.56, Part 13 of the County Code.

                    11.  All  development  pursuant  to  this  grant  must  be  kept  in  full  compliance  with  the
                          County Fire Code to the satisfaction of said department.
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