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                HIGHWAY REALIGNMENT RPPL2016004512
                FINDINGS                                                                             Page 2

                9.     The subject property consists of undeveloped lots.  Surrounding uses include single-
                       family residences to the north, south, east and west.

                10.    The  project  is  consistent  with  the  R-1  zoning  classification  and  project  design
                       complies  with  the  area  requirements  of the  zone.  Residential  development  is
                       permitted in the R-1  zone pursuant to Section 22.20.070 of the Los Angeles County
                       Code  (County Code).  The  proposed  density of 1,220 dwelling  units  is  consistent
                       with the maximum density and permitted by the R-1  zoning.

                11.    The property is depicted in the Urban Residential (H2) land use category of the 1990
                       Santa  Clarita  Valley  Area  Plan  (Community  Plan).  Residential  development  is
                       permitted within the H2 land use category.

                12.    Conditional  use  permit  No.  04-075  authorizes  the  proposed  dwelling  units  that
                       results  in  0.56  dwelling  unit per acre,  exceeding the  low density threshold  of 402
                       dwelling units established for the project to  implement and  ensure compliance with
                       the performance review procedure for hillside development.

                13.    Conditional  Use  Permit No.  200900121  authorized  the development of an  on-site
                       temporary  materials  processing  facility  during  project  construction,  an  off-site
                       grading and  solid fill project for Skyline Ranch Road.

                14.    The  amendment  to  the  vesting  tentative  tract  map  dated  November  16,  2016,
                       depicts 937  total  lots,  including  876  single-family residence  lots,  four multi-family
                       residence lots developed with  344 detached single-family residence condominium
                       units,  one public school  lot,  eight public park and  private  recreation  lots,  20  open
                       space lots, 13 basin lots, one water tank lot, two  booster pump station lots, and  12
                       private driveway lots on 2,173.25 acres.

                15.    Staff received public comments from the public prior to the public hearing regarding
                       increased  visibility  of the  road  in  its  new  location  from  the  southwest  and  open

                16.    During the  December 20,  2016  hearing,  the  Hearing  Officer heard  a presentation
                       from staff and testimony from the applicant.

                17.    Staff and  the applicant were available for questioning.  The  amendment requests
                       were confirmed and  it was noted that the area previously proposed as single-family
                       residence lots was now proposed as additional open space for the project.

                18.    The Hearing Officer moved to  act on the applicant's request after confirming there
                       were no other speakers.
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