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                                                   BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                      Executive Board
                  Samuel X. Garcia, Pres.                Gage Biren                        Jay Miller
               Richard B. Keysor, Exec. V.P.          Dr. Joseph Caruso                  Tony Newhall
                   Barry Harberson, V.P.              Dr. James Foster                 Richard Patterson
                Charlotte G.  Kleeman, Secy.          Jeane E.  Holman                   Linda Pedersen
                  Robert W. Galea, Treas.               Janet Hughes                Frederick L.  Stephens, Jr.
                     Betty Bardwell                  Richard Luechtefeld               Vernon Zimmerman
                                                   AUCTION CHAIRMAN
                                                         Daniel Hon
                                              AUCTION COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN
                          Bar & Food:  Dan Bobroff                          Item Control :  Marj Akehurst
                        Bid board Closing:  Rich Stephens                   Live Auction:  Tony Newhall
                         Catalogue Design:  Roy Weber                        Operations:  Ellen Wayman
                          Catalogu e  Sales:  Bill  Light                      Publicity:  Jay Miller
                         Decorations:  Linda Pedersen                         Security :  Bill Fairchild
                         Dinner Sales:  James McMahon                        Set up/Clean up :  Bob Ross
                           Facilities:  Gail en Smith                     Technical Set up:  Frank Kleeman
                                                                               Treasurer· Bob Galea

                                                 Coordinator - Connie Worden

                                                   AUCTION COMMITTEE
                 Julie Achtemeier           Carole Foley             Susan Lerch               Lou Reiter
                  Gloria Aulbach          Barbara Giardina*         Mary McNoun               Carmen Sarro
                  David Cannon             Reena Gladbach·           Eva Mitchell               Joe Sarro
                  Chuck Coates               Steve Hall               Jim Neavitt              Ken Shaw
                   Gary Condie               Jan Heidt              Connie Newbill            Dan Sherlock
                  Martha Corken              Bob Hess                Rob Newbill             Barbara Stearns
                  JoAnne Darcy               Alice Kline          Rosemary Papa-Lewis       Bobbie Trueblood
                  Margo DeSeve             Sherrie Knight          Lynn Pennington            Maurice Ungar
               Dr. Stephen Dickens         Manuel Landin              Pat Purcell           Evelyn Waterman
                   James Dixon              John Lauzieri            Billie Rawson             Pat Willett
                   Pam Dixon                 Tom Lee                Gerry Rawson              Herb Williams
                  Shirley Dwyer             Colleen Lee             Bernie Reavlin           Ken Willschleger
                 Harry Fedderson             Aggi  Lewis            Joanne Reeves
           *Top Item Solicitor

                               SPECIAL  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

           The  Santa  Clarita  Valley  Boys'  &  Girls'  Club  would  like  to extend  its sincerest  gratitude  to  the  following individuals  and
           businesses which have made special contributions to this event.
           Robert Bardwell - Photography                                         Magic Mountain - Technical Assistance
           California Institute of the Arts - Jack Clark, Alan Blacher,            3M National Advertising · Billboards
             Chuck Trowbridge - Facility and Technical Assistance                     Rambling Rose Florist - Flowers
           Delta Theta Tau Sorority ; Louisa Tolentino, Pres.           Santa Clarita Moving and Storage - Transportation
             Operational Assistance                                        Southern California Automobile Club  - Traffic
           Jerry Holland  - Auctioneering                                   Sunrise Spirits and  Food Co.· Bar and Food
           Home Savings and  Loan · Signing and Printing                   Thacker Stationers - Decorations and Supplies
           Hydraulic Research  & Mfg. Company· General Assistance                         Paul Troxell · Photography
           Keysor-Century Corp. - Catalogue typesetting and printing                       Valencia Florist - Flowers
           Lockheed (CALAC) - TV monitors                                     Roy Weber - Catalogue Design and Layout

                 A  special thank you to  those persons unidentified as  we go  to press who will be helping the night of the auction.
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