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                                                                          LIVE AUCTION

             28       A  RACY  DEAL.  Three  months  of  free       31        IT'S  LONDON  TIME:  A  birthday party
                      use  of  a  brand  new, shiny  1978 Corvette            for  twenty  kids  and  their  chaparones.
            right  off  the showroom  floor  of Vince Wiese  Chev-   Your party  will  be  picked up at your home by a red
            rolet.  Cruise  around  town  or  to  the beach.  Insur-  double  decker  London  bus  and  transported  to the
            ance and security agreement required.  The rest is up    Straw  Hat Pizza Palace  in  either Newhall or Canyon
            to  you.  Value:  Count  the  guys  and  gals  you  can   Country.  There  everyone  will  be  served  pizza  and
            pick up.                                                 soft drinks.  David  May,  a professional photographer
                                         Vince Wiese Chevrolet       and  the  owner  of the bus will  take  brown  tintype-
                                                                     like  photos of each kid as  a souvenir. Then each per-
                                                                     son  will be delivered to his or her home individually.
                                                                     Can  you  imagine  the look on the  faces of the child-
                                                                     ren  as  they  alight  from  a  red  double  decker bus  in
                                                                     front of their home for all to see???
                                                                                                            David May
                                                                                                 Straw Hat Pizza Palace
                                                                     32       SOAK  YOUR  BLUES  AWAY!          In  this
                                                                              5'  x  3'  redwood  Hot Tub.  Hydrotherapy
                                                                     baths have  long  been  prescribed  by doctors and  fit-
                                                                     ness  experts.  Relax  those tired  muscles  and  stimu-
                                                                     late  circulation.  Installation and equipment package
                                                                     are not included.
                                                                                                          Gervasi Pools

                                                                    33        WARDING  OFF TROUBLES.  Lunch for
                                                                              two  with  Fifth  District Supervisor Baxter
                                                                     Ward  may help.  Meet Joan Pinchuk at the Admin-
                                                                     istrative  Center  in  Valencia  and  she  will  chauffer
                                                                     your party  to  the  Hall  of Administration for execu-
                                                                     tive  style  luncheon  with  Baxter.  Tell him how it is.
                                                                     30 days notice required.
                                                                                                Supervisor Baxter Ward

             2 9      HERE  COMES  THE  BRIDE.  She will be
                      beautiful  in  the  lovely  wedding  gown  of
             ivory  quiana,  re-embroidered  alencon  lace,  bateau
             neck,  lace-over cape,  and long sleeves with sweeping
             train.  Size  5-6.  Wedding  bells  are  ringing.  Get the
             old shoes and rice ready.
                                      Chantilly Bridal Boutique
                                                                     34       DINE  IN  DECADENCE.         Host  your
             30       TAHOE  COUNTRY.         Wonderful  seven                friends  to  a  fabulously  formal  dinner for
                      days  in  a  lovely  mountain home adjacent    eight  in  the  century-old  Newhall  Mansion  in  Piru.
             to  the  15th  fairway  of the fabulous  Tahoe Donner   Pick  from  a  list  of suggested  menus.  You'll dine in
             Championship  Golf  Course.  Three  bedrooms, loft,     an  awesome redwood-panelled  dining room,  includ-
             two  baths, can accomodate up to  12 persons.  Well     ing  a  four-course  meal  with  vintage  wines,  cham-
             appointed, with swimming, sauna, tennis, restaurant,    pagne  and  silver  service,  served  by  a  professional
             beach clubhouse, etc.  Must be used between May 1       maid  and  butler.  Tour the home and  the grounds.
             and  June  30,  1979,  holidays  excluded.  Security    This  mansion  has  appeared  on  many  TV  thrillers
             deposit required.                                       and horror films.
                                          Ray & Jackie Nichols                                Mr.  & Mrs.  Scott Newhall
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