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                     LIVE AUCTION

         4 7      THE  ICE  MAN  COMETH.         Complete
                  your  recreation  room  with  this  Ice  Hoc-
         key  electrified  wonder.  Lights  blaze  and  whizzes
         whiz.  Become  the  big winner by taking this  home
         for family fun . 3' high and 8 ' in length.
                           Mr.  & Mrs.  George Steinbruecker
        48        BEST  SEAT lN THE  HOUSE  with  a  res-
                  ervation  of the head  table  at the  Auction
         of  1979,  for  your  party  of eight.  Includes  4  cata-
         logues  (  one  for  each  couple)  and  2  magnums  of
                                      Boys' and Girls' Club
                                                                 49       START YOUR OWN  R.T.D.  with a 1953
                                                                          Diesel  Passenger  Bus. Cart the kids, chauf-
                                                                 fer  your Club  or organization, or transform this one
                                                                 into  your  own  Van  or  Motorhome.  Show  your
                                                                 neighbor what mass transit is all about.
                                                                                                     Magic Motors
                                                                                                        Norm Gray

          50       SOUTH  OF  THE  BORDER  HIDEAWAY              guided  tours  of some of Mexico's  history  and  local
                   The heat is  on in  the States, time  to  skip   color.  Live  it  up  while  you  wait  to  be  smuggled
         the  country  to  this  south  of the  border  hideaway   back into the states.
         in Mexico City.  Ultimate privacy for two for a week                               Canyon Country Travel
         at  the  El  Presedente  Chapultepec  Hotel.   You 're                                     The Steinbergs
         being  followed  by  a  mysterious  character  so  it's  a                 Hotel El Presidente Chapultepec
         short  hop  to  Acapulco  and  the  Holiday  Inn  for                                         Mexico City
         another  week.  Bask  in  the  Sun,  incognito  behind                              Holiday Inn, Acapulco
         your dark glasses.  Put on your best disguises for the                          Perez, Perez & Perez Tours

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