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                       LIVE  AUCTION

                                                                 2 2       DAY AT CALIFORNIA FASHION
                                                                           MART.  A  beautiful  $100.00  new ensem-
                                                                  ble  to  wear  to  a  California Mart  fashion  show pre-
                                                                  senting  "opening  lines"  of  the  following  season.
                                                                  Lunch at "Dales at the Mart" and working with Aggi
                                                                  and  Margo  filling  in  a  few  appointments  for  next
                                                                  season's  buying.  A  fashion  experience  par  excel-
                                                                  ence awaits this lucky buyer.
                                                                                          Aggie & Margo from Aggi's
                                                                 23        SLAVE-FOR-A-DAY.         Let  your  legis-
                                                                           lator  know  what  it  is  really  like  to  run  a
                                                                  small  business,  be  a  housewife for a day,  lay  bricks
                                                                  or  whatever.  Assemblyman  Chimbole  will  donate
         19        TRIGGER.  A  beautiful  brown and white        his  personal services  for  one  full  day  to  the highest
                   seven  year old  miniature gelding.  A great   bidder.   Available  when  the  Assembly  is  not  in
         addition  to  any  stable  and  a  marvelous  pet for  any   session.
         little  person.  Come  on,  be  an  indulgent parent or                   Assemblyman Lawrence Chimbole
                               Magic Mountain Animal Farm         24       MAMMOTH  IN  LUXURY.  A  fabulous
                                                                           four-day  ski  vacation  for  eight  people,
                                                                  two  families  or all  adults,  at a  luxurious condomin-
                                                                  ium  centrally  located  near Mammoth  Mountain,  ski
                                                                  capitol  of  the  West.  From  Sunday  afternoon  to
                                                                  Thursday  noon  you'll  have  ideal  accommodations:
                                                                  a  completely  furnished  condominium,  2  bedrooms
                                                                  2  baths,  with  dishwasher,  linens,  color  TV,  pool,
                                                                 jacuzzi,  8  track stereo  and  a  cozy fireplace.  Sleeps
                                                                  eight  in  comfort.  Available  during  this  coming
                                                                  winter  season  only.  October  thru  June,  excluding
                                                                  Christmas, Easter vacation and other holidays.
                                                                                               Lee and Diane Weber
                                                                  25       THE  FRENCH HAVE  A  WORD  FOR IT
                                                                           --AND  A  WINE  TOO!  Eonologists,  Con-
                                                                  noisseurs,  Raconteurs  and  friends  will  applaud  the
                                                                  French Wine  Tasting for  16 with vintage wines such
                                                                  as  Chateau  La  Fitte  Rothschild,  Mouton,  Mareaux,
                                                                  and  vintage  Ports.   Sample  cheeses  and  Hors
                                                                  d'oeuvre  in  your own  "cellar" anytime  before Oct-
         20        BETTER  THAN  AGENT  007.  You  can            ober  1978.  Sunrise  will  provide  the  wines  and  ap-
                   be  the  owner  of  a  Mark  900  Attache                        Sunrise Spirits & Food Company
          Phone.  Concealed  within  this  top  grain  leather
          briefcase  is  a  self-contained  antennae,  puch  button   26    BRACE  YOURSELF!         If,  like  many,
          control  panel,  conference  speaker and  combination             your  children  are  going  to  be  needing
         lock for security.  The phone itself is solid state, has   braces  soon,  brace  yourself.  The  Boys'  and  Girls'
         eleven  channels and  automatic dial  capability.  It is   Club  is  privileged  to  offer for a bid a complete, full-
          completely  portable,  weighing  approximately  14      banded  orthodontic  case.  This  two-to-three  year
          pounds,  with  re-chargeable  NiCad  batteries,  it  can   treatment  involves  straightening,  aligning  and
          be  used  anywhere  for  the  busy  business  man  who   bite-correcting for  an  adult or child.  Average  value
          needs instant communication.                            for  this  treatment  is  between  $1500  and  $2000.
                       Canyon Communications Corporation          Treatments  must  start  before  July  1,  1979  and  do
                                                                  not  include  X-rays,  orthodontal  records  or  ex-
          21       MOUNTAIN  RETREAT.            Enjoy  the       tractions, if they are necessary.
                   magic  of  Lake  Arrowhead  and  environs.                              Alan Z.  Barbakow, D.D.S.
          This  A-frame  cabin  is  adjacent to  the  10th fairway
          of  the  Lake  Arrowhead  Country  Club  Golf Course.   27       GET  IT  OFF  YOUR CHEST AND ONTO
          Three  bedrooms  accommodate  up  to  ten  in  this              YOUR  PERSONAL  BILLBOARD!  Your
          ideal retreat. You will be just one mile from the lake   very  own  billboard  for  30  days.  12'  x  24' along  a
          and  you  can  go  fishing,  or  swimming  and  hiking.   major thoroughfare  in  the  Santa Clarita  Valley. Say
          Christmas  and  Easter  vacations  are excluded  and  it   whatever  you  will.  It will  be  professionally  painted
          must be used before June 1, 1979,                       for you and all your friends and enemies to see.
                             Charles and Peggy Rheinschmidt                        3M National Advertising Company
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