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                                                                         LIVE AUCTION

            40        ZING-ALONG-WITH  A  Z.       For  Z  next
                      three  months  you will  zip around  Z  San-
            ta Clarita Valley  in  style in a Datsun 280Z.  Impress
            your  friends,  your  girl,  your  kid  brother  with  its
            smooth  handling  and  powerful  acceleration.   In-
            surance and security agreement required.
                                       Canyon Country Datsun
            41        DO  THE  BUMP.  A  deluxe bumper pool
                      table,  slate  bed,  deluxe  covering  and
            siding.  Cues,  balls  and  chalk are  included.  Tourna-
             ment quality, standard size.
                                   Mr.  & Mrs.  Wallace Anderson

                                                                    43        THE  KIHEI  SCENE,  ISLE  OF  MAUI.
                                                                              Fly  away  to  the Gold  Coast of Maui. One
                                                                    week  for  two  persons  in  a  beautiful condominium.
                                                                    Enjoy  a  magnificent ocean view from your elegantly
                                                                    furnished  accomodations.    Swimming  pool,  two
                                                                    championship  tennis  courts,  putting  green,  shuffle-
                                                                    board,  croquet,  sauna  and  jacuzzi.   Round  trip
                                                                    economy  flight  and  direct  connections  to  Maui
                                                                    are  included.  Available  September and  October in
                                                                    1078    1979
                                                                          or     ·                 Geo. W.  Ekins, DDS
                                                                                                        The Travel Bug
                                                                                              The Fosters & The Jacobs

                                                                    44        FOR  THE  HOBO  IN  YOU!       Put  this
                                                                              trampoline  out  in  your  jungle.  You'll
                                                                    flip  over  it.  Experts  require  F.A.A.  approval.  14'
                                                                    diameter,  mat area  104 sq.  ft.,  100 springs.  Comes
                                                                    with pad to cover springs.
                                                                                                        Herb Williams

                                                                   45         MYSTERY.      A  truly  spectacular  gift  -
                                                                              so  outstanding  it  stays  "under  wraps"
                                                                    until  the  auctioneer  reveals  it.  You '11  squeal  with
                                                                    delight - or fright.

            42        TIPPECANOE  AND TYLER, TOO!  Here             46        BACCHUS  WOULD  STAGE  A  BAC-
                      is  a  1 7  footer  built  just  for  two!  This        CHANALIA  over  this  case  of rarewine.
            dazzling,  canary  yellow  canoe  has sturdy  fiberglass   Brunello  Di  Montalcino  1970  vintage  ( only  14
             construction  with  foam  floatation,  two  hardwood   cases  in  the world).  A  glorious,  expensive,  elegant,
            paddles  are  included.  Save  power,  canoe  with  a   rewarding and  distinguished  red  wine  from Tuscany
            friend.                                                 south of Siena.  Let the revelry begin!
                                          Gruber Systems, Inc.                             Sunrise Spirits and Food Co.
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