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Project Execution Plan
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                                                 Project: Pioneer Park

                                       Date Prepared: 11/18/1998 1:31:04 PM

                                                   Workshop Date(s):
                                                  Workshop Location:


                   Project Description:
                   Development  of an educational park area  historic artifacts on the site of
                   California's oldest oil refinery.

                   Project History:
                   Pioneer Refinery was initially built in 1876 to produce kerosene and grease
                   from crude oil produced in Pico Canyon. The. refinery operated for 12 years
                   at a.maximum capacity of22,000 bbl per year.
                   In 1998 Chevron donated the site to the City of Santa Clarita and committed
                   to spend an additional $15,000 toward the development of a park.


                   A. Framing the Project
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