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            ----~-d-ito-_ r-ia-lj                                                                          Nevv  Lounge

                                                                                                              Fills  N eeds
           Injustice,  slums,   and  poverty
         flourish  in  these  United  States.
                                                                                                             The  new  Student  Lounge  and
         Politicians  who  have  lost  direction
                                                                                                          lunch area will  provide  plus factors
         send  men  to  fight  in  unjust  wars.
                                                                                                          this  campus sorely -needs -- a study
           Yet, many  Americans show only
         apathy  for  these  problems.  They                                                              room,  a  place  to  meet  friends,
         are  either  afraid  to  interfere  or                                                           music,  comfortable  furniture,  and
         afraid  to  believe  the  problems  are                                                          an eating space sheltered from blasts
         real.  Others try to erase these social                                                          of wind, dust, and cold.
         ills from American minds by preach-                                                                 The  center  should  quickly  be-
                                                                                                          c·ome  the hub of numerous student
         ing  fear  and  hatred.  They  attempt
                                                                                                          activities  including  noontime  con-
         to coerce the people by blaming the
                                                                                                          certs,  which  were  highly  popular
         problems  on  a  "communist  con-
         spiracy"  or  "radical  subversion."                                                             last  year,  and  maybe  dances  and
                                                                                                          club  meetings.
         Such people have  always existed in
                                                                                                             It  will  be  open  to  all  students,
         this c~mntry . .
                                                                                                          of course,  during  school hours, day
           Of course, a few men have always
         existed  who  attempted  to  correct                                                             and night.
        these  social  problems  by preaching                                                                At  times the lounge will become
         ideologies  of  the  American  Creed.                                                            a movie theatre and, again, a possible
         One  such  man,  Abraham  Lincoln                                                                assembly  area  for  guest  speakers
         rebuilt the "Divided House."                                                                     and  for  other  special  programs.
           By stimulating ideologies, Frank-                                                                 The  center  also  is  expected  to
         lin  Rqosevelt grabbed many by the                                                               relieve  traffic  pressures  in  the  li-
         collar·  and  pulled  them  from  the                                                            brary  which  students,  in  self  de-
         depths  of  depression.  And  who                                                                fense,  invaded  last  year  to  get  out
         has  forgotten  the  Peace  Corps  or   First  Licensed  Vocational  Nurses  class  at College  of the  Canyons was   of  the  wind,  rain,  cold  and  the
         John  Kennedy's  "New  Frontier?"   graduated in August after a full year of classroom and in-service training   clammy,  clammy  dew.
         Such  extraordinary  men  are  also  a   at local hospitals. Names of graduates are in story below.   A  hi-_fi  public  address  system
         fact  of American history.                                                                       will  broadcast music, including con-
           We,  then,  must  decide  which   1st LVNs Win                   Consensus:                    temporary  jazz,  good  old  rock  'n'
         path to follow. Will it be empathy ..                                                             roll,  and  mood,  in  the  lounge  and
         or apathy? College is the crossroads.   Certificate:s             Food  Better                   eating area.
         Although  we  should  constantly                                                                    The  PA system will  also  be used
         search for  the  falsehoods  in  Ameri~                                                           for  general student announcements
         ca~  we  should  not  be  blinded  into   In a brief cerenJony  last August,   Student  consensus -seems  to  be   and information.
         overlooking the rightness or promises   , College  of  the  Canyons  first  Lic-  that the new Food Service Center on   According to Al Adelini, dean of
         of this land.                    ensed  Vocational Nursing class  was   campus  is  a  definite  improvement   student activities,  eating will not be
           As  John  Kennedy  said,  "Our   graduated  at the  Santa  Clarita  Uni-  over last year's arrangement.   allowed in  the lounge itself but will
         task  is  not  to  fix  a  blame  for  the   ted Methodist Church,  Saugus.   The  menu,  much of it served on   be  confined  to  the  outside  dining
         past  but  to  set  a  course  for  the   The  graduates  were  Mrs.  Emma   a  "cooked  while  you  wait"  basis,   area.
         future."                         Allen,  Mrs.  Kathleen  Brady,  Diane   includes  hot  pastrami  sandwiches,   Plans  call  for  erection  of wind
                                          Coleman,  Mrs.  Julie  Dalby,  Mrs.   "Cougarburgers"   (double-decked   and  dust  barriers around the lunch
                      Bi II   Leac'h      Zelma Gorham, Mrs. Nancy Hadsell,   hamburgers),  and  a  Ti"iie"c>f  Mexi-  area  which  students  last  year  dub-
                                         Mrs.  Marian  Hartman,  Mrs.  Janice   can  food,  among  other  things.   bed the  "wind tunnel."
                                          Lofftus,  Mrs.  Mary  Wells,  and  Mrs.   Prices  are  moderate.   Service   Many  persons  made  important
            NOON  CONCERT                 Elisabeth Wright.               hours  are  from  7:45  a.m.  to  1: 15   contributions  to  the  project, but it
                                            Mrs. Hazel Carter, R.N., director   p.m. and from 5 to 9 p.m.   is  generally  acknowledged  that the
              OCTOBER  2;'2               of vocational nursing,  read the wel-  The  new  "on sight  preparation"   initial  suggestion  for  a  Student
                                          come,  and  congratulated  the  class   service  can  be  chalked  up  as  an   Lounge  was  made  before  the  Stu-
                                          for  completing  the  difficult  year-  example  of  constructive  student
            The  first  noon-hour  concert  of   long  course.            action.                          dent  Council  last  year  by the  then
         the  new  year  will  be  presented  in   Dr.  Samuel  Nelson  of  Newhall   "Students primarily  were  instru-  freshman  president  Mike  Mahonec.
         the  Student  Lounge  on  Friday,   was  guest  speaker, and  emphasized   mental  in  achieving  the  great  im-  The  ball  then was  picked up  by
         October  22. Guitarists Michael  Ma-  to  the  class  the  desperate  need for   provement  in  our on-campus food-  the  administration,  particularly  Dr.
         honec and Tom Yaeh, whose noon-                                                                   Robert C. Rockwell, superintendent-
                                          medical  "Involvement"  (the title of   catering  service,"  said  Al  Adelini,
         hour  concerts  last  year  were  most                                                            president, and Charles Rheinschmidt,
                                          his address).                   dean  of  student  activities.
         popular, will  present a repertoire of                             Following  persistent  complaints   assistant  superintendent for student
         music  including  works  of Cat  Ste-  Charles  F.  Rheinschmidt,  assis-  by  students  last  year,  ("high  cost-  personnel,  and carried for  approval
         vens, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young,   tant  superintendent  - student  per-  low  quality"), the  Student Council   to  the  Board- of Trustees.
         Jethro  Tull,  and  James  Taylor   sonnel,  presented certificates to the   activated  a  Food  Services  commit-
         among  others.  All  students  are  in-  graduates.              tee  headed  by  Suzanne  Muhl.  The   DANCE A  HIT
         vited.                             Mrs.  Wright,  class  president, pre-
                                          sented  plaques  of  appreciation  to   committee  obtained  basic informa-
                                                                          tion  by  means  of  questionnaires,
                                          Mrs.  Hazel Carter, R.N ., Mrs.  J_anice                           The  "Welcome  Dance"  held  in
                                                                          conducted field inspections of other
                                          E.  Burbank,  R.N.,  and  Mrs.  Helen                            Hart  High's  cafeteria Oct.  2 was  an
                                                                          installations,  and  toured  the  then
                                          Lusk,  R.N .,  the  class  instructors.                          artistic and financial success.
                 THE  CANYON CALL           The  graduates had completed an   vendor's  Los  Angeles   processing   The  turnout  was  much  better
                                                                          plant.                           than  anticipated  and  the  student
            PUBLISHED  TWICE  MONTHLY  BY   intensive vocational nursing program
            JOURNALISM  STUDENTS  AT  COL-  that  included  a minimum of 1,080   Under terms of the contract with   body made money as a consequence,
            LEGE OF THE CANYONS. EDITORIAL                                the new vendor (Ven-Coa), a percen-  rather  than  losing  it,  as  has  been
            OPINIONS  EXPRESSED  IN  THIS  PUB-  hours  of  clinical  training  at  Inter-
            LICATION  ARE  THOSE  OF  THE WRI-                            tage  of the  profits  are  turned over   known  to  happen  in  the  past.
            TER AND NOT NECESSARILY THOSE   Valley Community Hospital,Saugus,
            OF THE COLLEGE.               and  Golden  State  Memorial Hospi-  to  the  Student  Council  treasury.   The  band,  Treebeard,  was  un-
                                          tal,  Newhall,  in  addition  to  450                            usually good. It is interesting to note
                  EDITORIAL  STAFF                                             ECOLOGY  OFFICERS
                  David  Hoeltje,  Editor   hours  of  classroom  instruction.   Maggie  Moore  and  Ann  Moore   that  inost of the  members are  high
            Suzanne  Muhl    Kenneth  Nix   They  are  now  eligible  to  take   have  been  elected  treasurer  and   school  students.  They  show  grefl-t
            William  Leach   James  Beydler   statP.  board  examinations.                                 promise,  and  are  already  "on  the
            Reid  Worthington   Scott  Peterson                            corresponding secretary,  respective-
            Richard  Hunter   Don  Chambers                               ly,  of  the  Ecology  Club.  At  press   way  up"  as  professionals.   1
            Gregory  Knights   Robert Stevens                                                                College  of  the  Canyons'  nex1
            Kevin  Dooley   Ron  Boydston    If you scoff at intellectuals, har-  time,  results  for  the  offices  of
                  PHOTOGRAPHERS           rass  scientists,  and reward only ath-  president  and  vice  president  had   dance  will  be  held Saturday  night, ,
            Tom  Burlew    Bruce  McKinney   letic  achievements,  then  the  future                       Oct.  30,  and  it's  going  to  be  even  1
            Paul  Osterhues   Paul  Plamondon                              not  yet been determined, with Sue
                                          is  very  dark indeed  . ...    Meyers,  Dick  LeClair  and  Richard   more  "righteously  together"  than
               TONY  REMENIH,  ADVISOR                                                                     the  last  one.  Plan  to  _ make  it.
                                                            J. F. Kennedy.   Hunter  the  candidates.
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