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Marta  Gunnison and  guest  took part  in an  archeology  "dig"  held  over
                                                                         the  Veterans  Day  holiday  at  Tulamniu,  a  one-time  Yokuts  Indian
                                                                         village. near  Taft.  Roger  Basham,  psychology  and  anthropology  in-
                                                                         structor, led  25  students to the site once excavated by the Smithsonian

        This is a fine example of how photographs may deceive. Mike Whitmore
        is  not  dozing off in  Roger  Basham's  psychology  class. He's really quite
        busy . . . with his ESP assignment.

        OF  ROCl{S  --AND  THINGS

                                       of the geological findings were made
               By  Jim  Beyd,ler       by  the  class.  Specimens  included
                                       igneous  and  metamorphic  rocks
           The  first  geology  field  trip of   such  as  bornite,  malachite,  azurite
      the  year,  led  by  Winston  Wutkee,   and  quartz,  just  to  name  a  few.
      geology,  history  and  geography in-  Of unusual interest were  tun-
      structor,  was  a  great  success  with   nels  scattered  on  the  slopes of the
       30  students  participating.  The  pur-  mountain  where,  apparently,  cop-
       pose of the trip was to give students   per  mining  took  place  many  years
       a  chance  to  discover  and  identify   ago.
       minerals  for  themselves,  instead of   Many  students,  on  their  first
      learning geology  only  from inside a   geology  field  trip, reacted excitedly
       classroom.                      when  they  discovered  interesting
           The field trip site was a moun-  mineral  specimens  which,  up  to
       tain range near Acton. As explained   now,  they  had  seen  only  as  class
       by  Wutkee,  this  mountain  range  is   laboratory  items.
       very  old,  and  is  undergoing  con-  Wutkee's  next  field  trip  will
       stant  change.                  be  to  Tick  Canyon.  The  instructor
           The  mountains c·onstantly are   also  advises  that he will off er a new
       being pushed up by the earth's crust   geology  course  next  quarter  titled
       and  constantly  are  being  eroded   "Rocks,  Minerals  and  Fossils."
       away  by wind and  rain.  The  result-  He  described  it  as  a "general
       ing  dehris  falls  into  a ravine  at  the   hobby  course,"  with  emphasis  on   Winston  Wutkee,  geology  instructor,  recently  took  35  students  on  a
      foot  of -tne  mounta1n  wliere  most   mineral  microscopy  and field  trips.   field  trip  to  a  canyon  sit,e  near  Acton.

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