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        Vol. II, No. 3                                    COLLEGE OF THE CANYONS                                        Nov.  15, 1971

            I Editorial]                                                                                COC To Crown

          Student  government  should  re-
       flect student thought.                                                                            First  "Queen"
          When writing a new constitution,
       a  question  must  be  asked:  Are  we
       to  be  a  progressive  institution or a                                                            College  of  the  Canyons'  first
       traditional institution?                                                                          Homecoming  Queen  will  be elected
          However,  before  we  attempt  to                                                              Tuesday (Nov.  16).
       answer  this question,  we  must  first                                                             She,  and  two  princesses,  will
       define terms.                                                                                     reign  at  COC's  first  Homecoming
          A  progressive·  institution  com-                                                             game Saturday night (Nov. 20) with
       bines  traditions with contemporary                                                               College  of the  Desert  at Hart Field.
       concepts  to  mold  future  policies.                                                               Earlier  this quarter, students had
       From these institutions emerge lead-                                                              voted  that  the queen and her prin-
       ers,  fully  prepared  to  accept  the                                                            cesses  were  to  be  elected  by  the
       burdens of a changing society.                                                                    student  body-at-large,  rather  than
          On  the  other  hand,  traditional                                                             by  the  football  team  as  had  been
       institutions place  emphasis  only  on                                                            proposed.               .
      ~ the past.  From these emerge people                                                                The  general write-in  election  for
       unprepared  for  social  tremors  and                                                             the  "foxiest chick  on  campus" was
       unable to see new horizons. Chained                                                               held  Nov.  9,  with  the  top  three
       by this handicap, these people rarely                                                             candidates  vying  for  the  title  on
       achieve positions of leadership.                                                                  Nov.  16.
          We  realize,  of  course,  that  tra-                                                            The  two  runner-ups  become
       ditions  play  a  major role  in  Ameri-                                                          Homecoming Princesses.
       can  life.  They  influence  and guide                                                              Laura Lyman, Homecoming com-
       many  people.                                                                                     mittee  chairman,  said  that identity
                                                                                                         of the  Homecoming  Queen  will  be
          However,  inspiring  as  the  great
        traditions  of  America  may  be,  we                                                            kept • secret  until  she  is presented at
                                                                                                         half-time on Saturday.
        can  never  underestimate  the  need                                                               The queen and her court will also
        for  progressive  thought.  It  is  a  re-                                                       reign  at  the  Homecoming  Dance
        quirement  for  advancement.  Tradi-  Dick  LeClair  (left),  president  of SURE, campus ecology  club; Kirk   following · the  game  at  Hart  High
        tions  should. not  be  used  as  a  base                                                        Cafeteria.  The  "Rattlesnakes  and
       for  future  policies.  They  should   Nitz;  Patrick  Coyle,  and  Barbara Molgaard working in  recent  reclama-  Eggs"   combo  will   provide  the
                                          tion drive  conducted on the student parking lot. SURE is COC's busiest
        serve merely as a reference for those   club.                                                    music.
                                                                                                           Half-time  ceremonies  will   be
          Therefore,  this  nation  cannot                                                               conducted  on  a  platform  erected
       survive  on  traditions  alone.  Only                              Jilll Boyl{_in                 on  the  field  for  the  occasion.  Acti-
       through  progressive · actions will  we                                                           vity  will  include  presentation  of
       be  able  to  effectively cope with the                                                           $100 scholarships to the senior class
       future  needs of a  changing  society.                             Doing Well                     presidents  of  Wm.  S.  Hart  High
       Only  with  progressive  thought  will                                                            School  and  Canyon  High  School.
       we  have  the ability  to  perceive  and                            James  Boykin, one  of College of
       challenge our destiny.                                           the  Canyons'  most  popular  and
          A  nati,on  awaits  our  answer.                              respected instructors, is  making ex-  These  scholarships  later  will  be
       · Which  will  we  have?                                         cellent  progress  at  his  home  re-  awarded  to  worthy  seniors at each
                            Bill Leach                                  cuperating  from  a  coronary  by-  school.
                                                                        pass  operation  performed  Oct.  29   A  feature  role  in  the  half-time
          SURE  Bin                                                     at Granada  Hills  Community hospi-  activities will  be  played by the  col-
                                                                        tal.                             lege  band  under  the  baton of Rob-
                                                                           "I  will  return to  class  the  mom-
        Always  Open                                                    ent  my  doctor  says  'Go',"  said   ert Downs, music instructor. Several
                                                                                                         COC  alumni  will  join the  band for
                                                                        the biology science teacher.     the  occasion,  the  first  of its  kind
          SURE,  the  campus  ecology  or-                                 "It's  difficult  for  me  to  keep   in  the  history  of the  fledgling  col-
       ganization,  conducts  reclamation                               away  from  the  college.  I  miss  the   lege.
       drives  the  first Friday and Saturday                           students."                         The  queen  and  her  princesses
       of each month at the  student park-                                 A  measure  of  the  esteem  in   will be accompanied at Homecoming
       ing lot.                                                         which  Boykin  is  held  by  students   by  escorts  appointed by the Home-
          All glass  (clear, green  or amber),                          and faculty alike was man if est when   coming  committee,  which,  in  addi-
       but no  porcelain,  is  acceptable. Re,                          the  call  for  blood donors went out.   tion  to  Miss  Lyman,  includes  Don
       move aluminum caps and rings from                                Boykin 's  quota  was  10  pints,  but   Allen,   ASB  president;  Suzanne
       bottles before  turning them in, and                             more  than  20  were  donated  at  a   Muhl;  John  Rexwinkle;  Ray  Can-
       newspapers  should  be  tied  in  bun-                           Red  Cross  mobile  unit  located  at   field, and Jerry Pigg.
       dles.  ·                                                         the  Santa Clarita Methodist church   At  press  time,  it  had  not  been
          Actually,  students  may  deposit                             in  Saugus.                      determined  if  a  Pep  Rally  will  be
       these  reclaimable items in  a perma-                                                             held  at  noon  Friday  (Nov.  19)  in
       nently  located  SURE  bin  at  the                                    Results of the write-in elec-  the  Student Lounge and lunch area.
       parking  lot  at  any  time  during  the   Robert  Downs,  music  instructor,   tion  for  Homecoming  Queen   Earlier  it  was  announced  that a
       month,  according  to  Dick  LeClair,   was  among  numerous  COC  blood   candidates  were  reported  in .   rehearsal  of  Homecoming  game
       president.                                                          just  as  this  paper  went  to   half-time  activities  will  be  held  on
                                          donors  for  James  Boykin.-                                   COC's  football  field  from  1  to  2
                                                                           press.  The  three  coeds  who
                                                                           received the largest number of   · p.m. on Thursday and Friday.
            The  title  plate  (top, front   A  nation  that is  afraid to  let its   votes  are   Holly  Peterson,   Among rewards coming to COC's
          page)  of  this  newspaper  was  ·   people  judge  the  truth  and  false-  Donna  Cooksey,  and  Vicki   first  Homecoming  Queen  will  be  a
          designed  and  drawn  by  Allan   hood in  an  open market is a nation   Sinclair.  One  will  reign  as   life-time  pass  to  all  home  athletic
          Hoeltje,  art  major.         that  is  afraid  of  its  people  .  .   Homecoming  Queen Nov.  20.   events.
                                                         J.F :  Kennerlv_
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