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        Cougars  Look                                                                                    COC Harriers

         Like  Winners                                                                                  Running Well

          This  season's  Cougar  football                                                                     By Don Chambers
        team  is  just  as  good  as,  or  maybe                                                            ''I have a lot of faith in our team,
        better, than last year's squad which                                                             and  I  think  they've  got  what  it
        wound  up  second  in  the  Desert                                                                takes,"  states  COC's  cross  country
        Conference and was  ranked fifth in                                                               coach, Ed Jacoby.
        the state.                                                                                          "We  have  a well  balanced team,
                                                                                                          and after our wins at Moorpark and
          This  is  the  opinion  of  Head
                                                                                                          Antelope  Valley,  we're  in  the  dri-
        Coach  Don  Kloppenburg,  who  led
                                                                                                        .  ver's  seat  in  our  conference,"  he
        the  first  Cougar football team to its
        outstanding record last year.
                                                                                                            With  only  one  member  of  last
           "This  year's  team  has  good  po-                                                            year's  championship  team  return-
        tential  for  a  winning  season  if we                                                           ing, the squad has several new faces;
        are  n~t  plagued  by  injuries,"  he                                                             Jim  Bornell  and  Tim  Trigg  from
        said.  "The league  looks very  strong                                                            Sylmar  High School are  both "fine
        with  Palo  Verde  and Victor Valley                                                              runners" said  Jacoby.
        apparently  the  top  competition."                                                                 Ralph Wenziner from Chatsworth
           Coach  Kloppenburg  thinks  the                                                                and  Howard  Hockenberry  are  two
        Cougars are stronger defensively this                                                             more  runners  who  came  to  COC
        year,  and  the  team  also . has  more                                                           from  the  San  Fernando  Valley.
        depth._                                                                                             Bob  Howell  from  Hart  High  is
                                                                                                          also rated high. Other members who
           As ,·of  deadline  time,  the  season
                                                                                                          have  never  run for COC  cross coun-
        record  was  2-1.  The  Cougars  lost
        to  Glendale  0-7;  beat  Cal  Lutheran   The  Cougar  cross  country team so  far  has  defeated all  comers, with a   try  before  are  Frank  Dixon,  John
        JV  49-14,  and  clobbered  Mt.  San                                                              Rexwinkle, Ron Boydston and Mike
                                          new  crop of runners on  the squad this year.  Two  are Howard Hocken-  Bennett.
        Jacinto  48-21.
                                          berry (foreground) and Tim Trigg.                                 COC  ·opened  its  season  with  a
           The loss  through graduation last
                                                                                                          great  team win  at Moorpark, where
      ~  June  of Clint  McKinney, holder of
                                                                                                          17  community  colleges  competed
        the  national  rushing  record  for  a                                                            in  an  invitational  meet.
        single  game  ( 413  yards  against                                                                 Mike  Martinez,  COC's  star  run-
        San  Jacinto  last  season),  appeared
                                                                                                          ner, won the race in 20: 06 minutes.
                                                                                                          Bonnell  placed  sixth  with  21: 07
           But  gladdening  Cougar  coaches'                                                              and Dixon was  twelfth with 21: 36.
        hearts these  days  is  an  elusive  little                                                       Top  team  results  were  COC,  73
         running  back  named  Gary  Hamil-                                                               Antelope  Valley  and  Palomer,  75
         ton  who  scored seven  touchdowns                                                               and  Santa  Ana,  84.
         in  iwo  games  (he  missed  the  Glen-                                                            After  the  great victory at Moor-
         dale  contest).                                                                                  park,  COC  went  to  Antelope  Val-
           The  Cougar  quarter back,  Red                                                                ley  and won by a score of 25 to 30.  -
         Stevens,  is  also  off to  a great start                                                        Martinez  once  again  placed  first
         with  a passing percentage in  excess                                                            and  Bonnell  was  second  against  a
         of 50 percent.                                                                                   team  that  Coach• Jacoby  considers
                                                                                                          "one  of  the  best  in  the  state."
           "Our  receivers  look  real  good,"
         said  the coach, naming  Wayne Fog-                                                                    Q}ON  ALL/EN
         lesong,  Richard  Carter,  Jim Elford,
         and Don Phillips  as  standouts.                                                                     (Corrt"tl from page  1  )
                                                                                                          BoardofTrustees is straight-forward,
           Offensive  linemen  who  have  al-
                                                                                                          responsive, and genuinely interested
         ready  made  their marks early in the
         season  include  Gary  Fitch,  Dave   The  Cougars,  who  performed  exceptionally  well  as  a  first-year  foot-  in  the  welfare  of students.
         Howsare,  and  Bruce  Mitchell.   ball  team last  season, .are expected to do as well or better this year. The   "The  administration  is  unques-
                                           Cougars ranked fifth in the state last year.                   tionably  dedicated  to  the  cause  of
           Coach Kloppenburg likes  to talk
                                                                                                          education  of  the  student,  recog-
         about his  defense this year. Particu-    EU/ROPE               I thought that  "luv" was a word an   nizing  this  as  the  primary  function
         larly  good  ball  games  have  been                            American  business man made up to   of our institution.
         played  by  Bill  Lankford and  Steve   (Cont'd from page  1  )   sell  miniskirts.  ·But  they  really  do   "I say, too, that the faculty staff
         Lough,  safeties; Marty  Slimak, cor-  They  conjure · for  me  an  image   say  it.  Fantastic.   on  this  campus  can't  be  beat.  It is
         nerback; Ruben Franco, Jim Elford,   · of a blindfolded  man, wearing box-  My  mom  did  all  the  talking.   my  belief  that  if  this  district  had  _,
         andBruceMitchell,linebackers; Gary   ing glove, who, with chin stuck out,   She  usually  does when she's around   $1  billion  to  spend on the  acquisi-
         Fitch,end,andDave Howsare, tackle.   is  striking out at  nothing. But, now   and there's  some  business to attend   tion of a teaching staff, it could not
                                         that  I'm  back,  I'd  like  to  say  to,  and  my  dad's  not  there.  I  was
            Fitch,  Howsare,  and Mitchell, it   ''America,  I  love  you very  much.  I  1               hire a better group.
         will be noted, play both offense and   don't  think  you're  perfect,  but  I   just  an  "innocent  abroad" and  did   "If this  sounds  like  a  paean  of
         defense,  and  are  outstanding  both   dig  you -- and I think that together   not  know  much  concerning  taxi   praise  for  College  of the  Canyons,
         ways.                                                            drivers  in  London.  This  cab  driver   so  be  it.  I  cannot  say  otherwise."
                                         we can make it if we  try."      asked  us  about  New  York.  We  said
            While  no  new   "wild  cards"   So  there we  were,  my head buz-  we  were  from  California.  "Oh,"   Allen, who enjoys the distinction
         (players  from  outside  the  district)   zing.                  California's  the  other  side  of  the   of being  a  two-generation  student,
         appear  on  the  Cougar  roster  this   "Wow!  You're  in  London!  Eng-  world.                 believes  today's  youth places  more
         year,  six  remain  from  last  season's                                                         emphasis on "humanitarian" aspects
                                         land! What a fantastic history! What   For  some  reason  he  asked  me   of life  than did counterparts a few
                                         literature!  And  the  Beatles!  And   how  I  liked  the  men  in  London.  I   years  back.
            They  are  Stevens,  Hamilton,   Cream!  And  .  .  .  "      presumed  he  meant  how did  I like   Working  with Allen  this year  on
         Howsare,  Fitch,  Mitchell,  and  Pat   I must have been tired. I thought   the  way  men  looked  in  London.  I   the  Student  Council  are  Kathy
         Roach.                           I  was  in  a  movie.  Everyone  was   said  "okay"  as  far  as  I  could  see,   Schoegje~  vice  president;  Sharon
                                          speaking  this  weird  English,  but  I   and  he  said  he  couldn't  stand  all
            Assisting  Coach  Kloppenburg,                                                                Rapp,  Associated  Women  Student
                                          could  understand  it.          the  fruits  with  long  hair.  He  was   representative;  Louis  Dixon,  Assoc-
          who  set  outstanding  records  at   Taxis in England look like  Rolls   pretty good looking himself, though,
          Laney  College  (Oakland)  and  New   Royces.  They're  black  and incredi-  even  with  short  hair.  I'm  not  pre-  iated  Men  Student  representative;
          Mexico  State  before  coming  to                                                               Laura Lyman, rally committee chair-
                                          bly  roomy.  The  cab  driver  ( when   judiced.
          COC  are  Coaches  Mike  Gillespie,                                                             man,  and  John  Rexwinkle,  com- I
                                          we  finally  flagged  one)  looked  at   (Continued  next  issue)
          Larr;  Reisbig,  and  George  Rush.                                                             missioner  of  athletics.
                                          me  and  said,  "Where  to, luv?"  Ha!
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